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5.0 5
Posted on 9/28/13
Tasty Flavor
This is my favorite of all the gourmet flavors, as a menthol smoker it's not my all day vape but I always keep a Triton tank filled to puff on at night. Nice caramel + nut complex taste to it with a great throat hit and lots of vapor.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/26/13
Minty Coffee
I'm smoking this with a g6 bat and the mini tank. Sweet front, then menthol middle with a espresso finish. Not bad as coffee vapes go. Its the best I've tried so far. My only complaint is the same complaint I have with most coffee vapes: Does no one just like coffee with sugar. That's all I want. Not vanilla mocha choca lotta yayaya. Just a rich coffee vape with a sweet start and finish. This is good though. I'll try it again in a week.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/26/13
ZERO Calorie Dessert Vape !
I’m a coffee, cappuccino, espresso and chocoholic – freely admitted. I love to just start my day with coffees/espresso’s and end it by vaping the evening away with the sweeter, gourmet flavors.
THAT is where HALO’s complex e-juices come into play. I thought for sure I’d need a menthol analog tasting e-juice.
That’s not been the case. For that matter and it’s been said before by others- I don’t like any juice that reminds me of an analog! Maybe that is the secret.
Twisted Java is complex, I’m glad I waited to vape this – pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on the different flavors (that word doesn’t really do it justice!). I’m down to zero nic on all my above referenced coffees etc – only 6mg on my menthol/minty Halo line.
FLAVOR: I actually caught some Hazelnut tones in this, a definite caramel but not a whole lot of espresso :(
May try a different type of tank, see if it brings it out more. The mint must be so light that my taste buds are Sub-Zero’d lol!
Truly this is a definite must try. If you’re lucky (like me) get to a local vape shop and give it a try (a little hint I got from a friend) take a sip of water when changing test flavors or you’ll wind up lost and not able to decide when you try 7 or 8 different ones! Kind of like wine testing!
THROAT HIT is mild which is fine for me again at zero nic – don’t get me wrong it’s there and just perfect for me not harsh!
VAPOR: I have yet to have a HALO juice that doesn’t give great vapor.
Keep the creativity coming HALO – we’re ready! THANK YOU!
3.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
This flavor is yummy but I myself can't use it as an all day Vape. It's one of those vapors that you can't mix it's best left as is. Not my first choice but not a bad choice.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
Split personality!
Twisted Java has a split personality - you can get two very different flavors.
In a Halo mini-tank on my G6, this is a sweet, warm caramel coffee with a hint of cocoa and a bit of peppermint on the exhale. In a Halo LR cartomizer, the taste changes entirely: cool peppermint with a hint of java, and less sweet.

I keep a mini-tank and a cartomizer filled. I use the mini-tank with my morning coffee, and the carto in the afternoon to pep up. Two flavors from one liquid, and both are great!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
didn't think i would like it but...
At first smell I loved it but didn't think I would enjoy a coffee type ejuice at ALL. After trying most of my other Halo juices I give this a whirl and I surprised myself when I actually enjoyed it. I can't vape on it all day but its something I can cape on in the afternoon.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/21/13
This is one of my favorite flavors by Halo. Good vapor producing, full of flavor, just a must try if you haven't already!
1.0 5
Posted on 9/20/13
Great potential, but that's what makes this flavor such a disaster.
Twisted Java is a great concept, coffee and mint with other subtle hints sounds like a slam dunk. But alas, potential is all there is to this flavor.

The very first hit is overly rough, and the flavors bombard your senses, too much so to be able to appreciate them properly.

After some time, as the hits become manageable, the mix of mint and coffee just dont work. It feels artificial in their joining and the strong throat hit means the aftertastes is too long lasting.

Perhaps with some tweaking, this can turn into a solid flavor, but as it stands, there are too many things to overlook to properly enjoy it.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/18/13
Love it!
OMG This is a great flavor! I can't put it down. It goes really well with a cup of coffee! Love that mint after tone you get off of this. I have to get more Love it!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/15/13
mocha-licious !!!
I'm a coffee person so I really love this ! It tastes like the chocolate covered coffee beans I get from our local gourmet candy shop. This flavor is well orchestrated ,very balanced and one flavor is not overpowering the other. You get an expensive coffee taste, followed by hints of chocolate and maybe a vanilla. Simply delightful!