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5.0 5
Posted on 10/7/13
I have bought liquids from other places out in public, and then I bought them from this company here. I have found them to have a far better taste and more flavor, they produce more vapor and I now will buy my liquids from this company.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/5/13
Strong coffee flavor with mint
This is a strong coffee flavor with a minty hit. It has a little sweetness from the caramel on the exhale. There is a slight nutty flavor on the exhale as well. It is not my "all day vape" but is a good change up when you want something a little stronger. It is a pleasant flavor and well balanced. If you like the gourmet coffee you will like this. It is definitely worth a try.
4.0 5
Posted on 10/2/13
complex peppermint, very good
I use a boge cartomiser tank set up, and this flavor was a very good peppermint with caramel and nutty backgrounds. I didn't really get a coffee flavor so much, but I still really enjoyed this liquid. I would recommend this to people who like minty flavors 100%
5.0 5
Posted on 9/28/13
Tasty Flavor
This is my favorite of all the gourmet flavors, as a menthol smoker it's not my all day vape but I always keep a Triton tank filled to puff on at night. Nice caramel + nut complex taste to it with a great throat hit and lots of vapor.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/26/13
Minty Coffee
I'm smoking this with a g6 bat and the mini tank. Sweet front, then menthol middle with a espresso finish. Not bad as coffee vapes go. Its the best I've tried so far. My only complaint is the same complaint I have with most coffee vapes: Does no one just like coffee with sugar. That's all I want. Not vanilla mocha choca lotta yayaya. Just a rich coffee vape with a sweet start and finish. This is good though. I'll try it again in a week.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/26/13
ZERO Calorie Dessert Vape !
I’m a coffee, cappuccino, espresso and chocoholic – freely admitted. I love to just start my day with coffees/espresso’s and end it by vaping the evening away with the sweeter, gourmet flavors.
THAT is where HALO’s complex e-juices come into play. I thought for sure I’d need a menthol analog tasting e-juice.
That’s not been the case. For that matter and it’s been said before by others- I don’t like any juice that reminds me of an analog! Maybe that is the secret.
Twisted Java is complex, I’m glad I waited to vape this – pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on the different flavors (that word doesn’t really do it justice!). I’m down to zero nic on all my above referenced coffees etc – only 6mg on my menthol/minty Halo line.
FLAVOR: I actually caught some Hazelnut tones in this, a definite caramel but not a whole lot of espresso :(
May try a different type of tank, see if it brings it out more. The mint must be so light that my taste buds are Sub-Zero’d lol!
Truly this is a definite must try. If you’re lucky (like me) get to a local vape shop and give it a try (a little hint I got from a friend) take a sip of water when changing test flavors or you’ll wind up lost and not able to decide when you try 7 or 8 different ones! Kind of like wine testing!
THROAT HIT is mild which is fine for me again at zero nic – don’t get me wrong it’s there and just perfect for me not harsh!
VAPOR: I have yet to have a HALO juice that doesn’t give great vapor.
Keep the creativity coming HALO – we’re ready! THANK YOU!
3.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
This flavor is yummy but I myself can't use it as an all day Vape. It's one of those vapors that you can't mix it's best left as is. Not my first choice but not a bad choice.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
Split personality!
Twisted Java has a split personality - you can get two very different flavors.
In a Halo mini-tank on my G6, this is a sweet, warm caramel coffee with a hint of cocoa and a bit of peppermint on the exhale. In a Halo LR cartomizer, the taste changes entirely: cool peppermint with a hint of java, and less sweet.

I keep a mini-tank and a cartomizer filled. I use the mini-tank with my morning coffee, and the carto in the afternoon to pep up. Two flavors from one liquid, and both are great!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/23/13
didn't think i would like it but...
At first smell I loved it but didn't think I would enjoy a coffee type ejuice at ALL. After trying most of my other Halo juices I give this a whirl and I surprised myself when I actually enjoyed it. I can't vape on it all day but its something I can cape on in the afternoon.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/21/13
This is one of my favorite flavors by Halo. Good vapor producing, full of flavor, just a must try if you haven't already!