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4.0 5
Posted on 6/29/14
This e-juice was quite a delightful surprise. I expected a lot less wow factor. I loved it's potent menthol flavor, and the throat hit is indeed powerful. It is also great to add other menthol flavored juices to this already great e juice for a little more zap. Try this soon!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/29/14
Extremely breezy and cool
Although I haven't tried the other menthol flavors, I'm happy to say that this e-juice is really satisfyingly cool with a good throat hit. I will probably stick to this one since I'm happy with it and perhaps try the others later. Another one of my favorites e-juices from Halo.
4.0 5
Posted on 6/28/14
Very Strong Menthol But I Like It!
Wow! What a strong Menthol blend! It's very refreshing and has excellent vapor production. Very strong indeed. I'm sorry but not an all day vape for me but I like to mix it with Kringle's Curse or Cool Mist and it freaking awesome. I recommend this for all you Menthol lovers out there. It's a good juice but needs to be mixed with something else to bring it down just a notch.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/27/14
Favorite Menthol E-liquid
SubZero E-liquid has a wonderfully strong menthol taste. It is by far my favorite menthol juice that I have ever had. I have gone through a good amount of this juice, and every time it gives that same deep chilling sensation all throughout my throat and mouth. I have found this E-liquid to have a very good, consistent taste. It is lightly sweet on the exhale, kind of like the sweetness you find in listerine mouth wash. SubZero is an everyday vape for me because it is lightly sweet, refreshingly cool, and consistent in flavor. This is not a light menthol, but a very strong one. If you like that menthol cooling sensation, this is the e-liquid for you.
3.0 5
Posted on 6/23/14
not bad
SubZero is not bad. It has a hard taste of menthol.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/20/14
A chill that will knock you off your feet!!!
I have looked far and wide for an extra cold menthol with no luck. All I could find was cinnamon or hot menthols that feel like fire in my lungs. YUK. But then I found this SUBZERO!!!! Its wonderful! The icy menthol hits the back of your throat like you are standing on the South Pole! It is very good to mix with a fruity juice, especially if you absolutely must have a menthol but like the fruity juices like me. For menthol lovers, this is the one for you!!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/20/14
Not as bad as people claim
Most of the reviews make this juice out to be somewhat intimidating, and almost too strong, but I personally disagree. It is a very strong menthol, but depending on how you inhale it, it can certainly be bearable to anyone who just wants a little coolness. There's a slight peppermint taste in the background which I do certainly like. This is also a great juice to add to those that you want to have a little kick.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/16/14
Very strong, very good!
If you are looking for a knock your socks off menthol e-liquid, you have found it here! I was skeptical at first when I read that this e-liquid contains triple the menthol flavor compared to the other blends... Well let me tell you, this e-liquid delivers as promised. Exhaling this makes me feel like I'm exhaling a gas version of some really strong mints. It's fantastic! I liked it so much, I ordered myself the big bottle! You should definitely add this to your collection if you enjoy strong menthol flavors.
4.0 5
Posted on 6/14/14
its like vaping in a freezer!
Wow! This one packs a punch! I originally vaped this one on its own and realized even for a lifelong ex Newport smoker, this was beast of a menthol hit. I use this to add an extra punch to the lesser menthol flavors just for the right balance. if you use this on its own, be prepared to put on your winter jacket!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/10/14
True menthol flavor!
Sub-zero vaped just like a menthol, very accurate and true flavor!