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5.0 5
Posted on 5/9/13
Best menthol!
My husband and I LOVE this menthol!! Some menthols are just nasty, but this one is so nice and refreshing! The Halo team had a great idea putting this free sample in orders for awhile, because it worked - we're hooked!!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/8/13
GREAT taste
I couldn't find a menthol flavor I liked until NOW. GREAT taste! I bought the low nicotine, I will try the 0 nicotine next. I do NOT miss real "clog up your lungs" cigarettes. Thanks Halo.
4.0 5
Posted on 5/5/13
Strong stuff
If you liked smoking camel crush cigarettes then this juice is for you. This juice has a strong throat hit and is moderately satisfying. One thing I liked about it was how it gave me fresh breath like eating a breath mint or mouth wash would do. It's not an every day vape in my eyes but it might be to others.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/4/13
If You Like Menthol Cigarettes, You Will Love This
While I was never a big menthol cigarette lover, I did smoke them on occasion (i.e. when I ran out of mine and had no choice). That being said, Subzero tastes almost exactly like the menthol cigarettes that I remember. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/2/13
Best menthol hands down
I almost didn't make it for the promotion to get a 10 ml sample of this juice for free with my order but I'm glad I did because now I found a new favorite. SubZero is hands down the best menthol juice available on the market. If you used to smoke menthol cigarettes this is the only alternative.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/30/13
Totally unexpected
First thing I tried when I switched to e-cigarette was menthol / mint eliquids. And I tell you every one failed. After six or more I stopped trying. Months passed and one day I ordered a package of Tobacco eliquids from Halo. They included a free sample of SubZero. Shipment arrived and I was delighted with the quality and taste of Halo eliquids and then I thought ok I'll try menthol one last time. It was a good decision:). SubZero is not only good or very good. This eliquid taste like real mint, it's amazing. I never believed that any liquid could taste like mint. SubZero is like mint ambrosia:). ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 4/30/13
Best menthol vape out there.
I never smoked menthol cigs when I was using the real thing unless I was out and had to bum one. After starting the ecig use I found I like menthol better, I think it was the strong throat hit. I placed an order recently and got a pleasant surprise when I found a free bottle of Subzero included with my purchase. Here I am today buying more Subzero because as far as I am concerned it is the very best flavor out there. Another great product by HALO, keeps it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 4/27/13
A Menthol K.O. In a very a good way!!!
Before I say my opinion on the flavor.. I want to say that nobody describes the flavors from Halo as well as they do. Because so far, every flavor I've tried has met their description perfect. What I will say about Subzero... Wow. Packed with a NICE menthol flavor. This is really packed full of minty punch leaving a a nice sweet after taste. Just as described. It is definitely one of the stronger menthols I've tried. And I absolutely love it. Nice cool throat hit. Great vapor. Excellent.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/26/13
The Best
I got my first order of e-liquid from Halo today. I decided to try SubZero as my first menthol purchase. It is hands down the best menthol flavor I have ever tried. It has a cold clean menthol taste with a hint of peppermint underneath. I love it, can't put it down. My favorite thing about menthol is the cool feeling in my mouth and this delivers a lasting cool sensation and a wonderful taste. I'm a very happy customer.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/26/13
First hit was crazy!!!! like smoking a york peppermint patty!!! Love it!!!