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5.0 5
Posted on 1/10/14
Favorite E-Liquid
I have been to all my local vapor stores, one in particular had the Halo brand. I had tried almost all the liquids in the store to find my favorite flavor, none of them really stood out to me and they seemed to all have the same kind of taste. THEN I tried subzero. It automatically stood out as different, it was bolder stronger and packed more of a punch than any of the others I had tried. It felt like a blast of cool extreme menthol that dwarfed other menthol flavors. Now it's my go to and I only use Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/10/14
I definitely recommend this to anyone that likes menthol flavors!
This is definitely one of my favorite menthol flavors. It has a great taste, smooth with a mild throat hit, definitely one of my new favorites. No steeping required. It is a bit strong, so would only recommend to the people that really love a strong minty flavor, or need a good menthol mixer. Very cool and refreshing. Using my halo triton with a G6 cartomizer, 6mg of nicotine. It's quite enjoyable <3
5.0 5
Posted on 1/10/14
Menthol Heaven
Love it! I actually firstly tried Shamrock but it needed a kick. So I actually bought Cool Mist, thinking that would step-up Shamrock to the peppermint patty level...wrong...Cool Mist is TOO sweet and has perhaps a vanilla overtone that I think I taste in Shamrock.
Playing 'Vape Mad Chemist', so bought Belgian Cocoa and mixed very little of that with Subzero and instant peppermint patty, if I want. Love the refreshing taste of this by itself!
Was over at a friend's house where he had a guest and had him try this and he had tried many other brands of e cigs and he instantly had to know the brand name.
Am certainly glad I started and stayed with Halo. Sounds like people are torturing themselves with these gross other brands.
Made In USA, makes me very happy.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/6/14
SubZero is awesome. The best Menthol vape I have ever used. Thank you so much for this!!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/5/14
SubZero is definitely an everyday vape if you enjoy menthol but are looking for something even more refreshing. I would say its similar to brushing your teeth or eating a mint, but not overwhelming where you feel like you just rinsed your mouth out with listerine. Its great when you are looking to get a breath of fresh air.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/3/14
My favorite menthol e liquid
I am new to vaping/electronic cigarettes. I have the Triton tank system, and when purchasing our starter kit, we were given the option to try several different e liquid flavors. Of all the menthol flavors I tried, Halo SubZero was, by far, my favorite flavor. It has a nice throat hit, enough menthol for those that were used to full flavor menthol cigarettes, and no funky aftertaste. I highly recommend it!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/3/14
More of a mixer for me.
Wow, menthol overload. This stuff is very powerful. I loved menthol, but this flavor is a bit to much for me. BUT I do mix it with tribeca when I want a menthol cig taste. I think this is more of a mixer then a all day vape for me.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/3/14
This menthol is absolutely arctic. The name is spot on. It's cold and biting in all the right ways. I prefer this as an addition to other flavors because it digs right in and really sharpens things up. Vaping it solo is a bit harsh for me, but the flavor is nice. Anything that needs a kick, just add in some sub zero and enjoy.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/2/14
Cold as Ice
I thought I would be prepared for SubZero.

I was wrong, in all the right ways.

SubZero, much like it's name implies has an ice-cold, but supremely pleasant draw, with a smooth minty finish and decent throat hit. Make no mistake, the menthol in this is STRONG. The first couple of hits made me sit up and take notice, but after a few, I was refilling my tank and getting ready for round 2!

5.0 5
Posted on 12/31/13
If you think you know menthol....think again!
When I tried E-Cigs I couldn't really find a satisfying menthol. But ever since I found Halo...all I do is vape now.

This is the smoothest, most refreshing, crisp, and clean tasting menthol I've ever tasted. I've been vaping now for a little over 3 years and I have to say "WOW!" Trust me people I've tried numerous menthol flavors that taste like crap...but, now I've finally found one that is worthy and it is Halo's Sub-Zero.

Oh yeah, if you're thinking that this e-juice is too expensive let me tell you QUALITY is what you're paying for.