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5.0 5
Posted on 10/28/13
Powerful long lasting batteries
One of the nice things about the Triton system are the batteries. I'm not sure the voltage but it is strong. It produces a lot of vapor. A lot more than the disposable e-cig I tried in the past. The batteries differ in mah (a measure of how long they last). They are all the same diameter but differ in length. I have two 650's that came with my starter kit and a 1300 I ordered separately. The length between the two is pretty negligible considering the 1300 lasts twice as long. Even with the largest battery, I consider the Triton to be pocket sized. Roughly the size of a large pen or a mini cigar.

I'm not sure how long the batteries last because they've never run out during a day. I've never had to recharge any of them in the middle of the day.

The nicest thing about the batteries is they are sleek, almost unobtrusive. And they just feel high in quality. Which is surprising because they are cheap. $16 to $20.
4.0 5
Posted on 10/27/13
Triton Battery- Black
I started with the smallest Triton Battery which doesnt quite make it through the day for me. That isn't a huge issue because I tend to keep one charging at all times. I love the look of the classic black and the feel of the battery is comfortable in my hand. I think that I'll try the 900 next. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the entire Triton line of products.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/25/13
Extraordinary battery life, great vapor production
Received my Triton 1300 mah battery yesterday. It arrived fully charged and ready to use and is still going strong after 12 plus hours of moderate use. I just love it! So nice to not have to re-charge & switch out batteries every several hours. And the vapor production from the Triton is OUTSTANDING. The price is great, too! I just ordered another Triton 1300 to have on deck so I will always have one charged & ready to go. This is a great product at a great price!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/24/13
Halo Triton Kills V2
I have been a loyal V2 customer for over 1 year. Up until a few days ago. Ive been keeping an eye on the Halo Triton batteries and tanks for about 2 months, and i finally decided to try it. First of all, V2's biggest battery is 380mAh which gives out approximately 300 puffs. And I would use about 1 and a half to 2 of their long batteries per day. But the Triton battery, the one I bought, which is the highest is 1300mAh which yields approximately 1350 puffs!!!! That's more than 4 TIMES the capacity life of the V2 long battery. The smallest Triton battery has a battery charge of 400mAh which yields about 400 puffs, which is 100 more than the biggest V2 Battery. That's what got me so interested in the Halo Triton line, at first. I haven't used the G6, but Im almost positive that its exactly like the V2, and the V2 cartridges and blanks fit on the G6 and the Triton Battery. There are 2 threaded spots on the Triton battery, a small one for a V2 or G6 cartomizer, and a larger thread that fits the Triton tank. Anyways, I bought the Jet Black 1300mAh Halo Triton battery, the USB charger, 1 Triton tank and a small bottle of menthol e-liquid to try (sub zero). I didn't like the E liquid from Halo. So I charged the battery until it was fully charged, turned it on (to turn on you have to click the button 5 times rapidly, then do the same to turn it off, which i do when its in my pocket cause i always accidentally push the manual button. I filled the 2.4ml Triton tank, and WOW, I was amazed. The nice smooth throat hit and the amount of vapor it produces when you exhale, its simply amazing. I am now a believer of the HALO TRITON line. So 2 days ago, I ordered 2 more tanks just for the hell of it, and a pack of 5 replacement coils. You know how most Ecig companies with tanks have the coils inside and once they go bad, you have to buy new ones, but not with the Triton Tanks. One tank can last you a lifetime, as long as you take care of it and just replace the coils that they sell on their site. It's so easy, all you have to do is unscrew the cap, then unscrew the coil and pole in the coil and put a new one in, and you're all set to start vaping again. I poured some liquid into the triton tank from my V2 blanks that tasted burnt so eventually, I tasted it. all I did was remove the cap and coil, rinse everything in cold or warm water. Then I took a hair dryer to dry the wicks on the coil which are long compared to other blanks. The Triton tank wicks are practically touching the bottom of the tank, giving me a smooth and hard throat hit that i like and a huge amount of smoke (vapor), that's consistent all day long. Hit after hit, the Triton E-cig stays consistent. That's pretty much it. I bought the battery, tank and charger, received it the next day using priority mail and that night I ordered 2 more blanks and the 5 pack of coils. I am now only using the Halo Triton line, no doubt about it, and I have tried almost every single brand of ecigs that they sell at convenience stores, grocery store, 7-11, wawa's, and on the internet, but HALO TRITON IS THE BEST. I know everywhere you type best ecig, you will always find V2 listed, but that's because they do so much sponsoring and advertising. Using V2 for over a year, then switching to the Halo Triton, I'm pissed that I didn't buy the Halo products earlier. You get what you pay for, especially with HALO. This is the longest review I've ever written because i want people to know that I'm not bragging, and I do not promote, work or advertise for Halo whatsoever, I am just a regular customer that placed 2 orders.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you make the right choice.

Btw, the G6 battery is about the same length and size of the V2 batteries but the Triton battery is thicker, kind of like the size of a cigar, but definitely smaller. The V2 has a diameter of 1/4 inch, the Triton has a diameter of half an inch, to hold all that extra battery power :)

Take care

-Jordan F

5.0 5
Posted on 10/23/13
long lasting
Bought extra to travel with and have never used it. Have been using triton setup for about a month now and have had only 1 battery start blinking on me after about 2 days of heavy use. Great product.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/22/13
Slick color. I have the biggest size and after 3 days have not had to charge it yet. Love it.
4.0 5
Posted on 10/19/13
Sleek design and nice feel
Nice design battery, sleek design with a nice rubber feel, Charge last me for two days at 650amh. Very durable so far, I use manual batteries and the button works flawlessly. Great job Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/19/13
Great Battery
Unit was a lot smaller that it looked it the pictures. My first day of using the 650mAh, it lasted all day. I am very pleased. It has a good feel and looks good too. Mine only takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to charge.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/18/13
1300 mah battery just keeps going and going and....
Again, the battery works perfectly. It's nearly impossible to fully deplete this battery, and I tried. The single charge seems to last forever. Although you cannot adjust the voltage, this battery works great with all the e liquids that i use. It's nice to not have to worry about the battery running out, take it off the charger in the morning and you won't have any worries about recharging until the next day. I used it for 2 days straight on a single charge, and it was still going. moderate to heavy vaping. Not sure if the charge was near depletion as I put it on back on the charger just in case. Bottom line...... this battery will not let you down. Halo makes excellent American made products.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/16/13
perfect for the entire day
Lets start off saying I use this battery pretty heavily. This battery lasts me the entire day from the moment I wake up until the close of the night. It's worth mentioning that it charges in roughly an hour as well, which is perfect if you ever forget to give it it's daily charge and it does die, you don't have to wait long at all before your right back to 100% and away you go.

As you can probably tell the battery is also quite small, easy to conceal if you should desire. The vapor this puts out is very impressive, if you want a hit that will be so big you will cough, this battery can give it to you!

The sleek look it has is even quite fashionable, I get complements all the time. The texture even reflects it's great USA made quality with almost a rubber like feel that grips well and is comfortable to hold and makes it less likely to drop. I have dropped mine and not even a scratch on it. It's very light weight too, that impressed me as well, how this battery puts out such a kick yet feels lighter than a normal AA battery.

I would certainly recommend this battery for anyone who wants to vape all day without recharging and expects great vapor with being concealable.