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5.0 5
Posted on 12/10/13
Great battery for multiple days 900 mah
I'd say I vape it heavily in the afternoon and lightly during the day and this thing lasts for so long. I bought the 900 mah battery and this thing just keeps going and going. I have to charge it about 1 to 2 times a week at the most for how much I use it. If you vape heavily I highly recomend the 900 mah battery. I also picked the black because it goes with any tank color.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/3/13
Plenty Power
This Triton battery is wonderful! It has the same great rubber coating that the G6 offers, but lasts much longer. 2 650 mah batteries will last me more than a day before needing a recharge. You can attach any of the G6 cartos or mini tanks on this battery too. The 650 mah measures 2 15/16" long. This is a nice step up from the G6 and well worth it.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/27/13
Will it ever end
I purchased 2 batteries one was 1300 and the other 650. Let me start off by saying, holy sh*t!!!! The 1300 lasted me an entire week! I consider myself a mid to high vaper. If you don't mind how long the 1300 is coming in at 4 inches, it is well worth the $. The 650 last about 2-3 days and is very short at 2 3/4 inches, so you decide. Either way I am very impressed.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/24/13
The Best
Hands down the best e-cig on the market. It's affordable and works great. This nice matte black color is sleek and elegant and the blue light matches well. The product feels high quality and not cheap and light.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/20/13
Very Consistent
Prior to using the Halo Triton system, I used three ego style batteries and they just do not stack up when compared to Halo batteries. Although my previous batteries were also advertised as 600 mah batteries, I would be lucky to get 4 hours of vape time out of them; with the Halo batteries I have no trouble getting through the whole day and on many occasions, two days. Additionally, the previous batteries I have used would significantly drop in voltage as vaping time increased while the triton batteries give me about 3.78 volts right before they are about to die (which is what most ego batteries start at). They charge to full from empty within 1-2 hours which is by far the quickest charge time I have ever witnessed (I had to charge my ego batteries overnight to get a full charge). Overall, a great quality battery.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/20/13
Lasts forever.....
Got a 1300mah. Love the design, battery lasts for 3 day or more off a full charge.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/13/13
Great battery (650mah). Shorter than I expected I almost opened a ticket cause I thought I got a 400mah. 650mah with tank is same length as mini tank and a 78mm g6 battery. Still going strong on first charge and already used about 3.5ml of juice.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/9/13
Triton 1300
Absolutely LOVE these batteries. Straight out of the box, I got a full 4 days of use out of the battery before it needed to recharge. The fact that they arrive already charged is great. I use my Triton all day, every day and easily get 4-5 days of use with each charge. It only takes a little over an hour to fully recharge via USB. I'm not sure how that compares with plugging it into an outlet because the only time I charge it that way is if I plug it in right before going to bed. The only drawback is the size can seem a bit obtrusive when trying to discreetly use it in public.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/8/13
All day vaping
I have to say this battery is awesome. I purchased the 1300 mAh battery hoping it would last a long time and I wasn't disappointed. I can go the whole day without having to charge it.

If your looking for a battery you can use during the day and then charge at night I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/7/13
Love My New Triton
I received my Tritan with dial a volt option. I was a user of the G6 which I also love. The Triton is a step beyond in vaping. So far I love it. Easy to use, easy to fill, great choice of liquids and incredible vapor. The mouth piece is comfortable and the ease of inhale surpasses the traditional e-cigs. I like the choice to change the volt and experiment. This is a great company with quality products. I have been ordering for a few months and have been 100% satisfied. Their online customer service is very responsive. They have answered every email within 1-2 days.