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5.0 5
Posted on 10/26/13
It does the trick
I finally had to recharge my Triton 1300 mah battery (after 2 1/2 days of moderate use). The Triton charger works well. It took a little over 2 hours to fully recharge the battery. My only issue is that I wish the light on the charger was a little brighter. Other than that, it's a great little charger. I ordered another one to go with the extra battery I bought.
3.0 5
Posted on 10/23/13
Get a USB extension cord
On one hand, this thing is great because there are USB ports everywhere on computers, laptops, and car stereos. I appreciate universal accessibility and how much easier it makes my life.
But there is one thing: almost all USB ports are aligned horizontally. Plugging in these heavy batteries horizontally will ruin a USB port over months/years of use. It'll especially ruin the USB port if you accidentally bump the battery/charger assembly while it's plugged in. Do yourself a favor and get a short USB extension cord. Don't worry about USB 3.0, 2.0, etc. Just get the cheapest shortest cord you can find that's male on one end and female on the other (about $5.00 or less). Get one for each of your chargers. It'll save wear on your electronics, and make it easier to use.
NOTE: If you are getting a Halo wall-socket adapter, they are pretty sturdy and safe. A USB extender is not necessary if that is the only USB port you'll be charging from.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/5/13
Tough and lasts. No performance issues and is compatible with any USB port. This includes other USB charger bases for other Ecig brands. Love it.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/4/13
Love this adapter.
I never thought that much about a USB adapter but, this one is worth praise. First, quality build all the way around. It shows that there was thought put in on the design of this product. It is easy to screw in the battery, even blind-folded. Second, the lighting is a good set up. I like the way it shows either off, charging, or charged. It is easy to tell, even from a distance. Keep up the good work Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/17/13
Nice product
I love the look of this charger! It fits so perfectly into the case for the Triton and looks great when used with the wall charging adapter!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/12/13
Smart design
The USB charger is great as it can be combined with a wall or car charger, letting you charge your battery pretty much anywhere. The status light makes charging really simple and the fact that the battery screws into it just like a cartomizer or tank means you don't have to worry about a bad connection over time.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/11/13
Works great!
It doesn't get warm, and it charges my 900 mAh battery in a little over one hour.

This is my fourth charger (having accidentally tossed one in the wash) and all are working perfectly, after about 2 months.

If the plastic shell separates, crazy glue takes care of it.
2.0 5
Posted on 9/9/13
jumping through hoops
This product works well when it works, mine crapped out after a couple of uses and the casing split open.Then blue light just stayed on even when battery was dead and would not charge. When I contacted Halo they requested I mail it back before sending out a replacement. I would recommend buying more than one so you don't have to have down time like I did.
4.0 5
Posted on 8/30/13
Minor Detail
Upon receiving my Triton I plugged it up to be charged. What I first noticed that may be cause for concern when charging from a wall charger is the battery just hangs from the USB adapter to the wall charger. The USB charger jiggles a tiny bit while in the wall charger and with the weight of a Triton (Triton VV in my case) pulls the USB charger down slightly making the connection seem loose but still charging fine. While it charges fine, I would charge the Triton in an outlet that has little interference from anything just in case something bumps into it.

The LED light's for charging are easy to figure out, and the small size of the charger is great. It makes taking it places very easy.

5.0 5
Posted on 8/30/13
Works Great
The USB charger is well made and works like it should. My Triton 900 mAh battery charges in about 2 hours. I have both the G6 and the Triton. Thankfully on the Triton USB charger the Halo name is printed on it and on the G6 USB charger it says G6 so I don't mix them up. I have 2 of these. One for home and one for travel. All in all a good charger.