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4.0 5
Posted on 4/16/14
Classy but left me kinda sassy
When i opened the package, the case wowed me! The texture and the color all seemed really nice. Everything on the inside followed with a really good quality foam with holes to fit cartidges and batteries and so forth. I like the fact that it comes with a wall charger AND a usb charger, but i realized that either way the usb is needed.... so to me that seemed kind of silly because that means either way that you can only charge one battery at a time with the kit. Would have made more sense to have a direct thread into the wall charger.... its bearable though considering the quality of everything. I bought the classic white batteries, both automatic and one standard and the other mini. Both last a good while if I'm not chain vaping them! And the feel of the slightly soft rubberized battery is SOOOOOO nice, it really shouldn't be underestimated, because when i went to pick up my old metallic one i literally said, ew. Unlike vaporzone kits, it did nicely come with a pack of five cartridges. Overall this is a really great little kit, things about the box make me wonder though. Is it the reason i ended up paying 50 compared to the usual 20-30 dollar kit..? if so definitely should be made an option because as much as i love it, i would've preferred to have saved money so i could get some spare juice. And lastly, with a new standard coming that cases are now are functioning as chargers (that look like a lovely little pack) why not scrap the big giant cigar box looking thing.... and move to a compact, more portable one? or even add a charging capability to the already blocky case to make it more functional. Really though, can't say enough about the quality! But maybe it is time to kick it up with the newer gear when it comes to standard storage.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/16/14
best out there
if you have tried other ecigs and were disappointed, give halo a try and you won't be sorry.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/3/14
Fantastic worth every cent!
Received my G6 Starter Kit the other day, after only two days of use I must say I'm very impressed with this little gem. Great quality product, and the thing that impressed me the most was the "warm" full throat hit I get.
I have not found one on the market yet that performs this well for such a small device.
The blank cartridges are Easy to fill, no mess no worries and the device is small enough to be concealed easily.
Way to go Halo and keep up the good work.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/25/14
Life Style Change
First of all I would like to say thank you. I have received my very first E Cigarette’s from your company and I am incredibly happy . After doing a lot of research on the net about E Cigarette’s I chose your company. Best choice ever made. In fact I am slowly converting my friends over to Halo. Your products and service is impeccable.

Over all, for all those out there Halo is indeed the best product on the market and quality is supreme including their E Liquids.

5.0 5
Posted on 3/23/14
1 month
I ordered the G6 starter kit in white, with the Torque liquid. The order arrived in 3 days. Yesterday was one month since I have been using the G6. The Torque flavor is excellent. The entire system is easy to use. I do enjoy the manual battery over the automatic battery. I notice a much stronger hit with the manual. My wife ordered both automatic with hers and is now going to buy a manual as she enjoys it more as well. So glad we made the switch to G6!!
4.0 5
Posted on 3/22/14
Quality product for a good price.
This is the first E-Cig starter kit I've bought, and it's worth every dollar.
Battery life seems pretty good, the chargers are working out great, and the case itself is nicely made.
The battery looks and feels very nice, nothing "cheap" about it.
I'm very happy with the kit, and I'm excited to try out more Halo products.
4.0 5
Posted on 3/20/14
My first kit
I purchased this kit but selected the brown blank filters. I was extremely happy with it. the quality was outstanding. I loved that it looked like a real cigarette. My only issue was i was using both batteries and 3 cartomizers a day. If the look of a traditional smoke is that important, then this is by far the best way to go. I upgraded to the Triton and love it, but for what this e-cigg is, it is amazing.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/12/14
I was new to the ecig world but this kit made it simple
When I opened the shipping box and pulled out the halo box I was amazed because the quality was so high. I got subzero with my kit because it sounded nice and it is. I only wish that you were able to select 5 different flavors to come with the kit. Overall though this is a great product.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/4/14
Great product for those thinking about making the transition from analogs.
I was at first extremely skeptical about the whole e-cig thing. At first I tried disposables and was very unsatisfied with what they had to offer. I decided to give it another go. After doing some research on popular brands in the market, I decided to go with a Halo G6 Starter kit....and WOW! I am overly impressed with how much this mimics a real cigarette. The throat hit and nicotine delivery are spot on and I couldn't be any happier with the money invested. You won't regret it.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/1/14
Greater Than Expected
I'm not an expert in the world of electronic cigarettes, but I am not a beginner either. I started with the disposable crap ones from convenient stores, moved to what I thought was good (still not great) rechargeable store one, then I moved to a big name brand for my third upgrade. That third one wasn't a G6, but it is a highly regarded one, so I went with it. It had great performance, but the flavor wasn't there. Within 3 days of owning it, I purchased a Halo G6, classic white with authentic tan empty cartomizer along with the Malibu e-liquid.

Wow is all I have to say. With the new package they come with now, it's hard to believe it only cost me $45 for the starter kit alone. The other high end one, was crap compared to this, and more expensive. Presentation is five stars. After a hard-to-wait-for eight hours of charging, the G6 did much better than expected. The flavor was great, vapor was better than expected since videos on Youtube don't show much. Maybe because they didn't follow charging instructions like I did? Anyhow, the G6 looks great, feels great, and works great! I strongly recommend this to anybody wanting to try a serous e-cig without breaking the bank or using a big tank system. I last all day with this and maybe more if I go lighter on it.


- Looks
- Feel
- Performance
- Price
- Overall package
- Flexibility with upgrading or modifying


- Having to wait eight hours on first charge. Do it, don't be impatient, it's worth the wait.

If you're thinking about it, do it. I promise you'll love it.