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5.0 5
Posted on 6/3/13
Awesome product, lightning delivery
So I am new to the e smoke scene and after trying some cheap corner store cigs, I did a lot of research and ended up settling on the Halo g6 kit. Vapor production and taste is worlds ahead of the blu and njoy disposables, the manual battery operates great. Kit came neatly packaged and all the components are top notch. Ordered Friday afternoon around 4:30 and received Monday at 10:30. Huge thumbs up to halo, customer for life.
3.0 5
Posted on 5/29/13
Good starter ecig
I've tried other ecigs with semi decent quality but still wasn't what I was looking for. I've tried the G6 for 2 weeks, the quality of this ecig is 100% better than the others. The only draw back is the the battery life is 3-4 hours tops and the cartridges need refilling more than I prefer. If someone is an occasional or light smoker I would highly recommend this product. If someone is a moderate to heavy smoker, bypass the G6 and opt for the Triton Tank model. With the Triton, I just noticed you can get a battery with over 1000mah vs 180 or 280mah with the G6's. And with the Triton instead of a few drops of e-juice you can fill a tank with 2.4 ml of e-juice meaning extended vaping time from the battery and e-juice. I'll be ordering the Triton Tank model and will gladly write a review as soon as I've had a chance to take it for a test vape.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/18/13
I started out with the gas station disposable E Cig, not terrible good way to start out and try things in the world of E Cigs. I read a lot of reviews on all types of the rechargeable starter kits and finally settled on Halo due to the fact there ELiquid got such wonderful reviews. Let me tell you I am totally pleased with my purchase. Unlike the store bought disposables Halo has a nice thick vapor with a fantastic taste to all the flavors I have tried so far. I can definitely say I will never smoke another real cig ever again. Definitely satisfies my nicotine craving and adds a bit of flair. The quality is also very impressive, the red color is awesome and it has a bit of a rubberized feel to it so it does not slip out of your hand. The case it comes in also a ton better than what you get from other companies from what I can see. You can not go wrong at all with this product, quit reading reviews it will drive you mad and just purchase this starter kit.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/13/13
Halo G6 Starter Kit - Sharp Demon Red
Recieved this G6 starter kit this a couple of weeks ago. Excellent quality and everything functioned perfectly, The draw is smooth and just right not too tight not to easy. Batteries are very nice and have a non slip texture that works great, The size is just right for taking it with you in your pocket. I liked the G6 so much I have ordered the Triton. The G6 Batteries seem to be of very high quality they last about 3-4 hours and charge in about 2 hours very nice product. Good value for the money. The G6 kit price has now been lowered and is an even better buy.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/8/13
What else can you get for such a low price ?
I've tried many brands of e-cigs that's out there. Blue, 51, Njoy, Logic, and V2. While everyone is bragging how v2 cigs are great, I'll say that don't even try to compare crappy V2 to the amazing quality of Halo. I've been using V2 for almost two years, and I wish that my first e-cig was G6. Batteries are beyond perfect, as well carts are. The only thing that I'm concerned about is charger. It takes quite long time to charge battery, and while it's charging - led on battery will glow. It takes about 2 hours to charge, but it's not a big deal since you have two batteries that will last for at least a day. Everything else is perfect. Carts, case, batteries, all are build with amazing quality. Totally worth it!