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5.0 5
Posted on 7/10/13
Good beginner's starter kit
I used the G6 a few months before upgrading to the Triton VV. Performs as expected, well constructed and looks pretty cool, too. I use it with the mini clearomizers.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/3/13
Great Quality
I purchased this kit after previously purchasing bull smoke. The craftsmanship puts Halo in a far superior class. The battery life is much longer and has a nice almost rubberized coating on the outside so it is not as slippery to hold on to as other brands. I also enjoy the reusable cartomizers which I have easily used the same one10 times .
5.0 5
Posted on 7/2/13
After researching consumer reviews and watching the youtube video on Halo, I was anxious to purchase. I have tried the convenience store brands without success. HALO did not disappoint ! I received my starter kit within days and after charging my batteries. I followed everything from the video and ....ahhhhh.....it was so real, so true to reviews. I absolutely love this product ! I tried the Tribeca and the Turkish and love them both. I am anxious to try additional flavors. After using these for for several days I tried an actual cigarette and was so disappointed in the flavor. HALO is wonderful, easy, convenient, and the prices beat all others! Such a great investment and the quality is superb! Thank you for this product!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/1/13
Great start to my eCig experience!
This is an awesome kit that started my eCig experience. The quality of the kit is top notch and everything is in there to start the adventure into the world of vaping! I highly recommend it to anyone. Get one of the Halo flavors (I recommend the awesome Tribeca) and discover a whole new world!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/28/13
Halo G6 Kit
I tried e-cig years ago when the technology was still fairly new. There were simply too many issues with the battery and carts to make it an enjoyable experience. Turn the clock a few years to now and the technology has finally caught up! I spent probably a whole weekend researching before making my decision. At first I placed an order with V2Cig but thank god I dug deeper and realized Halo is the company to go to. Not only did they make improvements on the same battery but they make all their e-juice in the USA and the reviews on their e-juice seem to indicate this is a company is passionate about the products they put out to the public. I got my kit a few days ago and I have to say the vapor production was insane! I didn't even pull on it hard and I get tons of vapor. The Tribeca flavor is great and definitely could be an all day vaping flavor. The battery lasted the whole day since I am not a heavy vapor. I cannot wait to test out the kit when I go out which tends to make me a chain smoker and cause me to feel incredibly sick the next day with harsh dry throat. Anyways, I am so happy I did my research and found Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/28/13
Elegant & Exceptional Quality
I love the Halo G6 kit. It is elegant in it's style and presentation. The color blue is gorgeous! It's very similar to a sapphire blue and it's just the right size at 78mm. The quality is exceptional. It is well built, has a good hand feel, not heavy and the vapor production is just perfect! I also purchased the blue mini tanks and I love them! I think you get a bit more vapor using the mini tank too. I was using disposables but wanted something that was nicer and for long term use. I would love to see more colors in pastels, such as a light pink metallic and an aqua would be nice too. I'm already thinking about getting a second kit. Halo you did a great job on these.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/17/13
Starter kit g6
The Halo g6 starter kit is by far the best ecig on the market, I have been using the halo g6 kit for a month now, and have had no problems at all, even got my wife to use the new g6 kit I bought her, ty so very much, Halo. Please keep up the great work.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/2/13
I'm relatively new to vaping. I started out buying a used Blu kit from someone, and had nothing but problems with it. A few days ago, I decided to do my research, watch as many YouTube reviews as I could, and for me, the Halo G6 kit came out on top. Ordered my kit just this past Friday morning before 7am (on the east coast), and within 2-3 hrs, received an email stating my order had shipped. I opted for the FedEx Home Delivery option (think it was $9). Much to my surprise, FedEx delivers on Saturday, and I wound up with my G6 just over 24 hrs after ordering! I opened the box, and read the instructions. Halo recommends charging each battery for 8 hrs the first time, then using it for 20 minutes, them another hour of charging. Just 30 minutes ago I used it for the first time, and WOW, what a difference! Excellent vapor production, throat hit to me was better than a regular cig. I opted for "TriBeCa" in my cartomizers, and I'm very glad I did! The batteries have a nice almost rubber finish to them that keeps them looking good, and helps prevent dropping. Halo, you've done some outstanding work here, thank you for showing me what I've been missing. Happy vaping!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/30/13
I read through quite a few blogs, discussion boards, and e cig reviews before deciding on Halo and so far I've been very impressed! An important decision factor for me was that these products are American made. The starter kit comes equipped with everything you need to start vaping and is packaged in a slick case that neatly keeps your supplies in order. I ordered midnight blue and find the color and finish pretty sharp, especially in the sunlight. The G6 has a high quality look and feel. This is a solid little e-cig. The cartomizer has a nice feel to it that doesn't easily slip through your fingers. It's heavier than a real cig would be and takes some time to get used to puffing on it to get a good throat hit, but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I love it! I was skeptical about "tobacco" flavors but Halo liquids did not disappoint. I've tried Tribeca, Torque 56, and Prime 15 and love them all! Very smooth flavors, nice throat hit, and pretty authentic tobacco taste in my opinion.
Seriously, @ $45 for a starter kit you can't go wrong and Halo's e-liquids will make you want to vape all day!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/27/13
Best Starter Kit
After going through many reviews and reviewing products on my own I can honestly say this is one of the best starter kits on the market for the price. You can feel the quality right off the bat. I had to go with blue and plan on ordering Demon Red cartomizers being a Red Sox fan! You will not be disappointed.