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5.0 5
Posted on 9/4/13
Everything I needed!
The reason I went with Halo is that they offer high quality liquid and low-cost starter kits. The bottom line is, they beat pricing on several worthy competitors. With my kit, I got everything I needed for at least a week of almost nonstop vaping. After ordering a third battery on the side, my fiance and I split everything and have already noticed how much money we're starting to save. We now have one battery to share in our apartment and an individual one so we can each smoke on the go! I would definitely recommend this starter kit.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/29/13
Great Kit!
I have been considering getting an e-cig for years, so after looking around, I decided to go with Halo. I must say that I'm extremely pleased with this kit. The battery life is far beyond what I expected. With light use every day, one charge lasts me about a week. I've bought a few disposable e-cigs in the past, and they can't compare to the amount of vapor the G6 produces. The case is also a nice bonus. I just throw it in my messenger bag and take it all with me. I've already recommended this kit to a few friends showing interest in vaping. The G6 has well exceeded my expectations.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/28/13
Great Products
This is my 2nd ecig...the first was a cheaper one that used carts that pulled off the atomizer...and this one is way better than the first.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/26/13
Very Happy!
I came across this product from watching some reviews online about the best ECig brand to use. The site highly recommend the Halo brand. Being new to the idea of owning an E-Cig, I purchased a couple disposable ones from the gas station and saw how expensive it would be to go this route. That's when I made the decision to buy one of these starter kits.

Quality: (5/5) - Both the Carto's and battery part of the cig feel durable. Also the matte finish of the blue doesn't give you the feeling that you're going to drop it.

Battery: (5/5) - Obviously everyone takes a drag differently so battery time is varied. I picked up the smaller battery and it will last me over 2 days without a charge. Since the starter kit comes with two, as long as the other is charged, you will never have an issue. Both the charger and USB connector as built well and have a light built in to tell you when it's charging or done. Note: It takes 8 hours the first charge and 2 hours every time after that (owner's manual instructions).

Overall: (5/5) - I would highly recommend this starter kit to anyone thinking trying an E-Cig! Tons of flavors to choose from, fast shipping (2 business days for me on standard USPS mail) and a quality product that is reasonably priced. My wife and I were so happy that we picked up another kit. Started off with each of us using 1 battery to see if this was a good choice for us and were sold within a few days.

5.0 5
Posted on 8/25/13
More then happy
I ordered this starter kit along with a mini tank and two e liquid flavors. I was told I would be getting a 10 ml of Southern Classic for free but I was surprised to find a 10 ml of the Twisted Java flavor as well as the southern flavor. The two free bottles have actually be come my favorites over the flavors I chose. The java tastes great with my morning coffee. The starter kit its self has made me more than happy, I have been using it non stop. The batteries have a great life span. The only con I would have is I wish the PCC was included like some other brands offer. The price of Halo was cheaper so paying the extra for the PCC wasn't a big deal but it has been out of stock so I have been unable to get one yet. 5 stars for sure
5.0 5
Posted on 8/21/13
This is my first e CIG and by far exceeded my expectations. The batteries last me at least 3 hours of constant use. The build quality is amazing with a super smooth finish. Will be buying a Triton here in a few weeks.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/17/13
Why did I wait so long!?
Did my research, landed here at Halo due to their rep for quality products and USA made liquid (I'm leery of Chinese quality control). I received my kit in short order after ordering, packaging is slick, not overdone., easy to break into and get set up. The batteries have good heft and seem like well made pieces of kit, the cartos are okay. Manual battery works very nice and with my purchase of the G6 minis is the only way to go. I can get through a full office day with one battery easily, including my morning breakfast/coffee vape. Friday full office day plus a few beers and a lot of vaping at home I drained both batteries after about 5 hours heavy use. Pretty good I'd say. I wish I had started this years ago.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/14/13
Great quality product
This is a very nice kit I am still using my first full charge on one of the batteries I ordered Tribeca and HX3 for vapor flavors and HX3 I actually tend to favor more. This kit is really high quality and I would recommend to anyone looking to join the vapor community.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/7/13
Absolute Game Changer. Thank you!
I am not one to write reviews usually, it takes a lot to impress me enough to do so. I am more than impressed. I did so much research before deciding on the Halo G6 for my new E-Cig. I found you through that E cigarette review website. About 2 years ago I shelled out a huge amount of money to get a deluxe kit from South Beach, it didn't go well at all. I did not like the product and ended up ditching it all.

This time is different. The Halo G6, e liquids, and mini tanks just are incredible. Everything works great, the experience of vaping with a quality product and REALLY great liquids has just blown me away. I had no idea this could be so great. I preach the gospel of Halo now.

I read so many reviews here from customers here before I decided exactly what to order, glad I did. I LOVE using the mini tanks. I added 2 of those on and the tobacco flavors sample pack, + a small bottle of Freedom Juice based on the descriptions from customers. Sorry, you guys are going to be stuck with one very loyal customer. Thanks for a great kit!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/7/13
Best E-Cig I've tried
I have tried about half a dozen brands of ecigs and eventually tried Halo G6. This is easily my favorite for many reasons. So far I have only tried the flavors Malibu and Voodoo. I like both of them especially Malibu. I've heard Halo has the best flavors, so I needed to try them. These ecigs also produce a lot of vapor. The G6 has been very satisfying in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been using it. I am a happy customer and just made a purchase for more flavors!