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5.0 5
Posted on 8/21/13
This is my first e CIG and by far exceeded my expectations. The batteries last me at least 3 hours of constant use. The build quality is amazing with a super smooth finish. Will be buying a Triton here in a few weeks.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/17/13
Why did I wait so long!?
Did my research, landed here at Halo due to their rep for quality products and USA made liquid (I'm leery of Chinese quality control). I received my kit in short order after ordering, packaging is slick, not overdone., easy to break into and get set up. The batteries have good heft and seem like well made pieces of kit, the cartos are okay. Manual battery works very nice and with my purchase of the G6 minis is the only way to go. I can get through a full office day with one battery easily, including my morning breakfast/coffee vape. Friday full office day plus a few beers and a lot of vaping at home I drained both batteries after about 5 hours heavy use. Pretty good I'd say. I wish I had started this years ago.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/14/13
Great quality product
This is a very nice kit I am still using my first full charge on one of the batteries I ordered Tribeca and HX3 for vapor flavors and HX3 I actually tend to favor more. This kit is really high quality and I would recommend to anyone looking to join the vapor community.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/7/13
Absolute Game Changer. Thank you!
I am not one to write reviews usually, it takes a lot to impress me enough to do so. I am more than impressed. I did so much research before deciding on the Halo G6 for my new E-Cig. I found you through that E cigarette review website. About 2 years ago I shelled out a huge amount of money to get a deluxe kit from South Beach, it didn't go well at all. I did not like the product and ended up ditching it all.

This time is different. The Halo G6, e liquids, and mini tanks just are incredible. Everything works great, the experience of vaping with a quality product and REALLY great liquids has just blown me away. I had no idea this could be so great. I preach the gospel of Halo now.

I read so many reviews here from customers here before I decided exactly what to order, glad I did. I LOVE using the mini tanks. I added 2 of those on and the tobacco flavors sample pack, + a small bottle of Freedom Juice based on the descriptions from customers. Sorry, you guys are going to be stuck with one very loyal customer. Thanks for a great kit!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/7/13
Best E-Cig I've tried
I have tried about half a dozen brands of ecigs and eventually tried Halo G6. This is easily my favorite for many reasons. So far I have only tried the flavors Malibu and Voodoo. I like both of them especially Malibu. I've heard Halo has the best flavors, so I needed to try them. These ecigs also produce a lot of vapor. The G6 has been very satisfying in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been using it. I am a happy customer and just made a purchase for more flavors!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/2/13
Price, Presence and PURE Quality !!
After looking at ElectronicConsumerReviews site for 2 weeks I finally contacted Raymond at ECCR. Being a newbie he recommended that I get the G6 with 3 mini tanks AM I EVER GLAD I CONTACTED HIM! The G6 is perfect for out in public – I mean come on who can argue with MIDNIGHT BLUE. (I was a bit concerned about “ Are you smoking!” Kind of questions)
All my concerns have actually turned out that many people are saying WHERE did you get that? I feel like a walking poster for HALO LOL! Which feels GREAT!!!
Bottom line:
The box it comes in is so VERY nice – I know (what!? Lol!) Keep in mind if you sent this as a gift – it says a LOT!!
The textured feel of the Battery is great (MUCH better than any others I’ve handled) You can tell you’ve made a quality purchase! Hence the Hardware Warranty !
Starter Instructions were clear. Followed them to the “T” and I get about 6 to 8 hours off 1 charge – ALL depends on the individual usage. Hubby gets closer to 6.
Shipping only took 3 days – DON’T worry about Track and Confirm LOL! I put it in and had 4 updates the DAY it was delivered!!
Being a Menthol analog I ordered the Menthol Ice 12mg for my Carto’s – very good!
All in all it’s the perfect Starter Kit for me :) !!!

(Also recommended were the Mini-Tanks and the Menthol Sampler – which you can check out those reviews if you like). GREAT JOB HALO !!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/1/13
Great Starter Kit
I recently purchased the Halo G6 Starter kit and my excitement for this product has still not ended. To start off the packaging of the Halo G6 Electronic cigarette can not be found anywhere else. Most companies package their product in cardboard, that is of little to no use for storing your e-cigarette, when it's not in use. Halo however provides a very sturdy case that holds everything together firmly, and closes tightly. They're the only company I know of that does this. Then there is the G6 battery. When holding this product for the first time, you can tell it's a quality product. Other companies batteries feel alright, but Halo steps it up by providing a texture to their batteries that feels smooth and soft to the touch. That might not seem like a big deal but after holding this product over and over again my fingers still enjoy the sensation of the texture on a Halo G6 Battery. They also hold a very good charge. There is just so many things Halo did right with the G6. I have tried the V2 Cigs, and while their e-cig performed well, Halo took that next step in each part of the process to deliver a better e-cig in my opinion. There are other companies that sell electronic cigarettes, there is no other company that does it as well as Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/29/13
Love this e-cig!!! The color is beautiful and the slightly rubberized feel is great! My hubby and I are sharing the one kit for now, but I am thinking titanium for our second kit. Definitely recommend this kit!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/26/13
Great device!
I started with an eGo Twist and wanted something more portable and discreet without sacrificing too much performance. This has fit that bill well. So far vapor production has been good, battery life excellent, and the cartomizers work very well. Get this for a more portable solution.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/19/13
Great product!!
After years of searching for an e-cig that performs the way it should I have finally found one. I have literally tried about 6 different brands of e-cigs and have never been satisfied with the products. The G6 starter kit works the way it should. Not to mention the blue color is amazing!! The draw is easy, the battery life seems to be fairly good for a cig-alike product and long lasting. I ordered both a manual and automatic. The manual of course performs well and the automatic battery produces a good amount of vapor with a very easy draw. In other words good throat hit, good vapor, and it's not like sucking on a straw with a hole in it like so many other products I've tried.

I ordered the Malibu flavored carts with the kit in 6mg nicotine, and looking back I probably should have ordered a stronger nicotine level, but that’s my fault.

Halo makes an amazing product, and just like other products that I have ordered from them as usual their attention to detail is amazing and clearly illustrates the quality of the product. The display case is amazing, not flimsy cardboard like so many other companies and looks nice sitting on my coffee table, and is great for carrying everything that I need each day to work. It’s not small enough to carry in your pocket obviously but in a backpack or brief case it works great and keeps everything nice and neat. In other words no more pocket lint on the cart when you’re ready to use it.

Overall, Halo again has made a superior, nicely styled and great functioning product. I honestly can’t complain about anything. One added bonus, it’s a USA based company!!!