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4.0 5
Posted on 7/20/13
Good for summer, not a big fruit guy...
Got this right before the heat wave hit. Has a very Interesting taste to it, Much like Rum and coconut extract. At first I didn't know what to think about it. It was very fruity although it soon grew on me, not the best one I have had (I wish there was a menthol tobacco flavor). Although did put me at the beach at work a couple times B-). If you're looking for something different I would recommend this.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/17/13
GREAT TASTE...not an all-day vape though
The Malibu is GREAT...it TRULY tastes amazing...however...I do not see myself vaping it all day. The sweetness of it is great and very tasty, however, much like anything sweet...too much and it loses its appeal.

I vaped on my Malibu cartomizer for a little bit after dinner tonight, and I honestly forgot to make or eat a dessert!

Overall, AMAZING vape, AMAZING flavor, just should be taken in moderation, so as to not 'ruin' its appeal...in my opinion anyway. Great 'dessert' alternative if you are a vapor on a diet, haha.
4.0 5
Posted on 6/22/13
Sitting by the pool enjoying my Malibu!
What a fun flavor! First impression was minty, apple, coconut. I will see how it burns for a few days and maybe order the eliquid to compare. I really like how smooth, tasty and enjoyable this vapes on my G6. A nice thick vape with the 6mg you don't get to much of a throat hit so I maybe order the liquid in 12 or 18 mg. All around a nice sitting in the sun smoke that leaves a nice taste of fresh mint in your mouth. I am not a menthol smoker but this flavor will probably stay in my rotation.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/20/13
One of my favorite flavors!
Good tropical flavors blended with a little menthol. It comes with throat hit, tasty flavor and good vapor. I didn't really like it the first time I vaped it but now I can almost vape it for whole day. Malibu is really good after big meals, or when you are getting tired of Tobacco flavors and looking for a fresh taste.
If Tribeca is your entree, then Malibu would be your must-have dessert!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/19/13
Good Carts
Amazing, flavorful carts. No hassle. You can also refill these with the same flavor a few times.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/6/13
Very nice
Nice vapor and the taste is awesome ;)