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5.0 5
Posted on 9/20/13
The "holy grail" of e cigarettes!
I ordered the G6 starter kit. As soon as it arrived I tried it. Great flavor, throat hit and lots of vapor. I have tried others but Halo is definitely the winner. Thank you Halo! I bought the G6 starter kit and I recommend the Tribeca flavor. Just incredible. Try it and you'll never go back.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/19/13
Great Place To Start
I'm OVERLY impressed with the quality of this product. I like the recessed button on the manual battery, the quality of the cartomizers which can be refilled, the non-slip texture of the battery, and even the case is well made. Being the in IT field, Halo reminds me of Apple computers. They just have a flair for those little details (I also own a Triton).

Be sure to pick up a few mini-tanks and an e-liquid sample pack.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/17/13
Great product!
The starter kit was a great way for me to try out e-cigarettes at a reasonable price. I am new to vaping and after reading many online reviews I decided to give Halo a try. They were reasonably priced, and seem to have a lot of happy customers out there. I was pleased with the quality of the kit, and have been having fun trying out different flavors of e liquids. My only dislike is the pre-filled cartomizers. They worked well, but they seem to have a black sticker wrapped around them that goes slightly past the end of the plastic, which I found a little annoying. They also seeped a small amount of liquid onto the battery when connected, which in reading the directions for use seems like something you don't want happening. This may be due to user error, but I have switched to using the mini tanks which don't seem to give me the same problem. Overall I am really pleased with my purchase, and would recommend this to anyone looking to try e-cigarettes.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/17/13
Great product!!
First ecig that I tried was 'Blu' from 7-eleven and then 'Njoy' also from 7-eleven. I cannot say that Halo is the best product after trying just a few ecigs, but I can tell that this product worked great for me!

I bought this G6 starter kit and was a little bit disappointed with the strength of vapor ( I know, because I bought the 6mg nicotine one.) However, I found out the solution that if I block the holes, between the cartomizers and battery, I could get stronger vapor. With this trick, I'm now perfectly satisfied.

To talk about eliquid and battery, so far so good. I read a lot of good reviews of Halo's eliquid from other web pages, and the taste is really good and battery life is good enough to use.

5.0 5
Posted on 9/15/13
Far above the rest
I've been vaping with my G6 starter kit for the last couple of weeks, and I can honestly say this is what vaping should be. I picked up a few mini-tanks with my order, and the vapor production is amazing, the taste is clean, and it really is just far and above any of the other brands I've tried, including Blu, V2, and GreenSmoke. I just ordered a Triton tank system, and I'm eager to experience the same great results all day long with the same ease. The mini-tanks are easy to refill, they don't leak in my pocket, and it's great being able to tell when it's time to refill them. Great job, Halo...I have found my brand!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/14/13
Extremely Impressed
Got my Starter Kit quickly delivered. I expected a high quality product inside the case and that's exactly what I got. Have been using it often since I did the first battery charge, haven't smoked a cigarette since, and I don't intend to do so again. Count me among those who will be a long time client.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/13/13
Love this starter set. For a new user this was perfect! I took my time deciding what company to buy from and Halo was my choice because I liked the reviews and the price was right. I've had the set for a little over a month and I love it. The set is packaged so nicely and looks great. Very happy with my choice.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/11/13
The Perfect Start
First of all, thank you to Halo and thank you to the customer reviews. It took dedicated customers writing positive reviews about great products and a dedicated company to care enough about what the consumer wants to deliver it all in 1 great starter kit.
My first impression of the Halo G6 Starter Kit was everything I had hoped it would be. To start it off the carrying case is very well made. The dimensions are L: 6 ½ x W: 3 ¼ and H: 1 ½. I suppose it’s best described as a velvet covered hard case with soft foam inside. Everything inside fits just right. The instructions are included, but they just sit inside with really no proper storage area (that’s ok). It could have been designed a little different so that a complete e cig (or 2) could be stored inside. This was not a deal breaker for me at all. The USB adapter, mini wall charger and the battery all have the Halo name on it which is important for obvious reasons. Even the prefilled cartomizers come in a clear plastic case which keeps them protected.
Let’s talk about that wonderful e liquid that is made by Halo. I started it all off with the Tribeca 18mg/ml in my starter kit and form the first hit I was loving it. I would say it is somewhat stronger than a light cigarette, which is what I was hoping for. This Tribeca does have that slight hint of vanilla to it. I ordered a 30ml bottle of this today, if that tells you anything.
You won’t be disappointed with this product. Prior to using my new e cig, I did give the full 8 hour charge, followed by 20 minutes of use then another hour charge as directed. 1 cartomizer lasted me 2 full days, but every smoker is different.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/9/13
A perfect introduction
I am new to electronic cigarettes. As such I did a great deal of research and finally settled on this Halo G6 starter kit.

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette starter kit, you might as well end your search here. At least through my research, I do not believe you are going to find a better product in this price range. Everything in this kit seems to be well thought out and the product itself is superb. Here are some key features about the G6 e-cig:

Feel - The battery is coated in what feels like some kind of rubber material. Most e-cig batteries are a smooth, slick metal, which to me feels too artificial. The G6 battery is smooth, soft, and provides a better grip.

Weight - The battery and cartomizer together are very light. It does not feel as though you are holding a hunk of metal. I can easily twirl the G6 around in my fingers as though it were a regular tobacco cigarette.

Performance - The automatic battery is very easy to draw from. This has always been one of my biggest concerns about electronic cigarettes, but Halo got it right. Additionally, the vapor produced by the G6 is extremely satisfying. I spent the first ten minutes ever using the G6 blowing "smoke" rings. I would have never believed that electronic cigarettes were capable of such great replication of smoking a tobacco cigarette, but I would have been wrong.

Additional touches - There is a rubber tip on the end of the cartomizer of the G6 e-cig (the part that you draw from). I can not express how great a decision Halo made when they added this. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I HATE the feel of metal touching my teeth, and when you are repeatedly bringing an electronic cigarette up to your mouth, that is bound to happen. With this one little addition, the G6 bumps harmlessly and comfortably off of your teeth. (Halo, if you are reading this review, never, EVER change this feature.)

If you are looking for an introduction to electronic cigarettes, buy this product. It is extremely unlikely that you are going to be disappointed.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/8/13
G6 Starter Kit
I did a ton of research and finally decided after reading and watching tons of reviews that I wanted to give the Halo G6 a try. I ordered the black starter kit with one manual and one auto battery and I opted for the blank cartos (which now I wish I had just gotten the prefilled tribecca 'cause I love it so much) also got a sample bottle of Tribeca liquid and a purple mini tank to go with the G6.

I use them heavily and I get about 2.5 to 3 hours use out of each battery which is good I think for this size battery. And not a problem at all since you get two batteries in the starter kit. I have found that I like to use the mini tank much more than the cartos, just personal preference I think. I like to be able to see how much liquid I have remaining and the mini tank allows that, I also like the mouth piece on the tank better. I also prefer the manual battery over the auto, again just personal preference as they both work perfectly.

The price is outstanding and the shipping is super fast. Mine shipped out and I had it 2 days later! I just have nothing bad to say about this product or company at all. I have already placed a second order that should arrive tomorrow. So excited!! I got a pink battery another tank and some other exciting stuff :)

I can't believe how easy this was for me, nothing I tried in the past ever worked or was so simple. Thank you Halo!