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4.0 5
Posted on 10/12/13
Great entry into the e cig world
After doing a fair amount of research I choose the G6 starter kit and I'm very pleased with my choice.

A little background: I tried a co-workers store bought rechargeable and picked up a couple disposable blu. I did my research, choose Halo's G6 and anxiously awaited my package.

I'm very happy with the size and portability of these and I'm confident these will remain my go to vapes for the car and when out and about. The G6's with the regular size battery and cartomizer is the same size as a blu disposable. I keep one of the little covers from the cartomizer to cover the end and can confidently throw it in my bag and go.

Others have commented on the feel of the battery. I wouldn't have thought it was that different or big of a deal but they are right. It doesn't feel rubbery or attract lint but is softer and well, just feels nicer in the hand.

I find the draw on my G6 smooth, warm and consistent. No more occasionally difficult draws with little vape one moment and the next satisfying. They are all satisfying. I selected automatic batteries and the draw is quick. There is less of a gap between drawing and getting vapor compared to the other two I tried.

I also picked up a couple mini tanks and highly recommend those for home use. I think I'd be afraid of spillage when on the go. For me it feels the taste is cleaner, with a fuller and wetter vape that brings out flavors more. Love them!

I've since purchased a Triton and LOVE that for home use which has led to more tank and liquid purchases. Eek! I see this going from a way to simply quit the smokes, which I have from my first day with my G6, to the pursuit for more fab flavors! I can confidently say I'm NOT looking for other ecig/battery/tank co's cause I feel my G6 and Triton covers my equipment needs perfectly.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
Awesome kit really good quality!
Just got my kit yesterday in the mail and I am absolutely loving this G6! Buy this kit! Don't waste your time and money with others like I did, I've tried others like Blu (which completely sucks and is a waste of money) and a few others that I bought at my local shop and NONE of them even come close to the Halo G6. I got the 65mm automatic for both batteries and vaping Tribeca and I am hooked! A lot of people say the manual batteries are better but I disagree, the manual has a 5 second cut off and the automatic does not. I get a perfect throat hit and perfect vapor production every time. It's so effortless too, with the other companies I've tried you have to suck so hard to get half way decent vapor but with the G6 that's not the case, perfect effortless drags every time with excellent vapor production. Halo really made a quality product here, two thumbs way up, highly recommended!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
I just received the kit in the mail today.
Initial observations - The build quality and the fit & finish are very good. The box the kit comes in is well made also, and the fact that it looks cool doesn't hurt.
Initial performance - The G6 unit basically looks like the disposable "gas station" e-cigs, but that is where it stops. The G6 performs WAY better than expected.
I'm not sure of the differences in their cartomizers, but they definitely have something different about them. They perform better than any cart I have ever used. I'm interested in how many refills they will take before breaking down!
Of course, I can't really say much about the vapor production and the throat hit, as that varies with the liquid chosen. And let's face it, you're only gonna get so much visible vapor with the power of the smaller G6 batteries. The "Torque 56" carts I chose with the initial kit (24mg) produce much more vapor than I expected, with a very pleasing (strong but not harsh) throat hit.
Conclusion - I am VERY impressed with everything ordered, On a side note, I will say ANY company in the world can learn a thing to two about customer service from you guys, you guys are great.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
Just started
This simple easy to use kit will have you up and running in no time. If you are a menthol smoker may I recommend the Menthol ICE or HX3 series flavors.

5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
Great starter pack - everything that you need and at a lower price!
I plan to order more! The new case is just perfect for travel and protects your gear! Has everything you need to get started! I'd also recommend getting one of the necklace holders as well - I wear mine everyday and it protects my e-cig and keeps it readily available and in pristine condition! (also never worry about leaks!)
5.0 5
Posted on 10/10/13
Completely satisfied with this purchase.
This is my first E-Cig and I am extremely happy with the purchase. Hits really well and feels great. People complain that Halo Ecigs only have a duration of 4~6 seconds until it cuts you off. But to solve the problem just double tap your inhales mid-way of your hit and u can get a larger dose!
Best purchase I made this year :)
4.0 5
Posted on 10/10/13
Just got the Halo G6 starter kit over the weekend. Not bad at all... First, I was pleased by how fast it got here. Second, it came in a nice black case with sleek blue cig parts came booklet & charger. It was very easy to use, self explanatory and best part not bulky looking. A few minutes later I was having a blast with it enjoying each puff with the assortment of flavors.
The only part i wasn't fond of was the refilling it. After pulling the rubber off to refill I noticed the end part will leave a crease and it's sort of an eye sore because of the little crease, but good thing we can buy more blank cartomizers for a fresher look.

OVER ALL I'm very happy and satisfied, in fact I'm going to order a G6 mini tank and try other flavors.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/10/13
Stylish design and high quality
I love my new G6 Starter kit. I have been tobacco free since the kit came in the mail. I have already shared my excitement with this product with my co-worker and she bought a Triton starter kit. I am now an affiliate a halo convert. The battery when fully charged lasted me from 8:00AM to about 5:00pm with casual puffing. The cartomizers last me about one day. I would recommend adding the mini tanks and a variety pack to your start up kit. I am going through the cartomizers quickly. I got the HX3 flavor. It tastes good, but I swear it tastes like grape, peanut butter and spices. I know it sounds strange, but that's what I taste. Overall a great start kit. I already want to upgrade to Triton!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/9/13
best e cig by far
When I first received this kit I was surprised by the quality of the packaging and was completely blown away by what was inside the vapor was by far the best of any e cig I have tried before not to thick but not to thin truly a great product. I will definitely be ordering from Halo again.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/8/13
Great Value
I got this not knowing what I was getting into. I love it tho. I would recommend the manual battery as they seem to hold charge a lot longer. I would also recommend not getting prefilled cartos and buying a sample pack to find one you like. Also, I would definitely recommend a few tanks to go with it, they deliver the best taste and best punch.