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5.0 5
Posted on 6/26/13
Good strong flavor.
This one surprised me. I thought it might be the one flavor I'd find too harsh to enjoy. That turned out not to be true. It is a strong tobacco flavor, but in a good way. To me it's smooth with clouds and clouds of vaper. I've added it to my list of favorites for those times when I want a hit of good, strong, pure tobacco flavor. Not an all day vape for me, but really works well as an afternoon pick me up. it seems to me that nobody does tobacco flavors better than Halo!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/2/13
Its just like smoking a real pipe!
I thought I would give this E liquid a try, and I'm glad that I did!. It smells and tastes just like premium pipe tobacco. It's basically unbelievable, if you have ever smoked fresh pipe tobacco, you can almost taste the moisture in the tobacco, if that makes any cents, and the E- Liquid gave me that same exact experience. This is definitely something unique to E-cigs, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who smokes a pipe, or enjoys pipe tobacco. The taste is superb! It tastes EXACTLY like a premium blond (pipe smokers know what I'm talking about) pipe tobacco blend, with maybe a slight hint of sweetness. This is outstanding!!!! I seriously can't believe how much this tastes like smoking a pipe! It blew my mind! I got the 24 mg, and it hits pretty hard and has copious amounts of vapor.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/1/13
This is my favorite flavor it is like smoking a pipe. I love it .
5.0 5
Posted on 5/25/13
For the serious tobacco lover.
Not for everyone but if you're looking for a no nonsense straight forward tobacco flavor then this is for you. C.J. has a very nice throat hit along with great vapor production. Some say it's similar to a pipe tobacco, I didn't find that. What I did find (in my opinion) was probably the closest flavor and aroma to analog tobacco that I have come across. I would highly recommend at least a sample bottle which will in all likelihood lead to a full 30ml order. Another great Halo specialty flavor.
4.0 5
Posted on 5/24/13
Excellent Throat Hit!!!
"Halo Captain Jack E-liquid has a raw flavor with its distinct pipe tobacco feel. Get reckless throat hits while experience this full-flavored tobacco e liquid." I love Captain Jack and my reaction was great. I thought it was good at first, but the more I vaped it the more I liked it
5.0 5
Posted on 5/22/13
Hits like a ton of bricks
This stuff is pretty awesome. Not for the faint of heart. Tastes like a super strong pipe tobacco.
3.0 5
Posted on 5/10/13
Love/hate relationship
For me, it's good in small doses, but gets too sweet to be used as an all-day-vape. Also - it might just be me, but I don't see this as a "tobacco" flavor at all. For me, the strongest flavor note is a sweet honey-type taste. Works well for me when I want to sweeten up one of my other regular, more dry flavors.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/7/13
My favorite
I just got my G6 a few days ago and also ordered the sampler packs and one bottle of Captain Jack. Of all the flavors, Captain jack is definitely the best. It does resemble a strong tobacco and has a nice throat hit. Next up.... the big bottle ;-)
5.0 5
Posted on 5/4/13
Straight Tobacco Juice
This is the strongest tobacco juice in the Halo line up and makes for a great all day vape. A very strong dry tobacco blend without the sweet exhale taste you get from Halo's other tobacco flavors. This is one of those juices that would be in the acquired taste category. I usually stay in the 24mg range with all my tobacco flavors and it felt like i was going to cough up a lung with this flavor. I have since cut my nic for this one blend in half. If you like strong tobacco blends that are dry and harsh, this is the juice for you. Who knows, it could wind up going into your daily rotation.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/24/13
My Favorite
This is by far my favorite flavor from Halo. Strong taste and smell. Good throat hit. Seems to kill cartos quick though. Can't wait to try it in the Triton.