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4.0 5
Posted on 8/3/14
Finally found a way to enjoy this flavor when it grows old
I mix Belgian Cocoa with my Tribeca.(Sometimes 90% Tribeca with about 10% Belgian Cocoa) The reason? I became so used to a tobacco flavor that the sweetness was too much at first. My advice is to try mixes of your own with all Halo e-Juices.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/23/14
My new Favorite!!!
After 9 to 10 months of Vaping, trying at least 1 to 3 flavors of e-juice per month on average, I have never enjoyed any other E-liquid as much as Halo's Belgian Cocoa. I am ordering my 3rd bottle as soon as I finish this review. It's not to sweet and doesn't have that dry bitter taste as other cocoa flavors I've tried. At first, I would treat myself to it chilin' at night after work. Now it's my all day vape. It's totally addicting!! Great job on this flavor Halo!!
4.0 5
Posted on 7/22/14
Give this one some time!
When I first tried this, I did not like it all. A couple days later, it was still "eh". Fast forward 6 days after letting it steep... I really like it so much better. It vapes very nicely in the morning with that cup of coffee!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/18/14
Excellent Flavor for the Chocoholic
I bought a small bottle of Belgian Cocoa from a local vape shop and fell in love. It has a strong aroma and flavor, but without any of the funkiness, fakeness or bitterness often found in other brands. Love, love, love this flavor, and it's my primary vaping liquid. If you love chocolate and are looking for a good vaping liquid, give Belgian Cocoa a try. You won't be sorry!!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/15/14
I vape this flavor mostly lately. It always tastes great!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/14/14
wonderful for late evening after dinner dessert.
Belgian Cocoa is a wonderful after dinner / late evening, dessert taste. Good vapor. Very pleasant chocolate taste. Almost like a good cup-o-hot chocolate. Definitely 5 stars!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/11/14
give it a chance
When I first opened this and tried it, I absolutely hated it, BUT after a few days, WOW. I first mixed it with Tribeca and that is now my favorite mix. A few days later, I tried it on its own and I love it. At first it had a harsh dry cocoa taste but now it's absolutely perfect. Just bought a big bottle.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/7/14
Best so far
I have one other chocolate liquid, and it's awful. It tastes like nothing with a dash of chalk. Because of this, I am very impressed with the Halo Belgian Cocoa. It is undeniably a pleasant deep chocolate flavor. I like it and will definitely buy again. Know that the room aroma is strong, though.
4.0 5
Posted on 7/7/14
Give a chance
At first I HATED it. The pure cocoa tastes as if you are smoking DRY cocoa, but after mixing it with Tribeca, I love it! This will be my go to along with Tribeca.
4.0 5
Posted on 7/6/14
I ordered the Belgian Cocoa flavored cartomizers along with my starter kit out of curiosity. Initially, I found it very enjoyable-- like a vaporized candy bar. I soon discovered that the cocoa flavor was more enjoyable as an occasional treat, than as a steady flavor choice. The aroma is very nice, and if you practice aroma therapy, you will agree that the chocolate scent is a great mood lifter. My recommendation for Belgian Cocoa would be as an occasional treat more than a steady diet.