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4.0 5
Posted on 5/30/13
Definitely different.
This one definitely stands out in the Halo Tobacco line! I suspect its a blend of two to four of Halo's other tobacco flavors. I like to be able to identify individual flavor notes and HX3 has been driving me crazy on that end! I get an almond note like that of Prime 15 and the rest are notes that could come from Torque56, Longhorn and/or maybe Midnight Apple. So, smoky almond, dark cherry and some apple or plum like notes. This is all blended very well with a really good kick of menthol added! HX3 is growing on me!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/22/13
My "Menthol" Blend of Choice
I'm not a menthol guy. I never was, so I was hesitant about this one. Let me tell you though, I am glad I gave it a shot.

This is a great vape all around. it seems to me like it's a blend of Tribeca with a menthol flavoring added in. The slight hint of menthol adds a lot of flavor without being overbearing; this is still a tobacco juice at it's core.

Overall, it is very smooth and satisfying and I can easily vape on this all day. It also makes for a nice change of pace from the tobacco blends when I am looking for something a little different.

If you're like me and love tobacco flavors, I would say to try HX3, as it really is not bad on the menthol taste. If, however, you are a menthol smoker, I'm not saying not to try this, but just realize it is heavier on the tobacco side.
4.0 5
Posted on 5/17/13
Very interesting taste
HX3 is very different than my other favorites - Menthol Ice and Tiki Juice. It's become number 3 in my rotation, and I vape it daily.

None of the flavors are overpowering. I get rich tobacco, hazlenut, and a touch of menthol. Very good throat hit and vapor. If I ran out of my other 2 main juices, I could easily vape this exclusively for a few days in my Triton tank system until the others came in.

This is the strongest smelling juice I have. I easily smell it in a capped cartomizer, and my wife can smell it a little on me after I vape it (I only vape outside too). I took a couple drags in a friend's house, and he said he could smell it too. It's not strong or overbearing by any means, but if you want something no one else will smell, this may not be your best choice.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/14/13
Very good
This one is very original juice. A combination of the fruity taste of Tribeca and the tobacco of Torque 56 with a hint of mint, very smooth, highly recommended.
2.0 5
Posted on 5/11/13
Much too sweet
The throat hit was the only thing that gave this flavor an extra star. The flavor itself tastes like a really strong butterscotch or caramel. I would not recommend this to anyone who dislikes any sort of sweet vape.
4.0 5
Posted on 5/4/13
I just tried this liquid and found it very good, tastes sweet, very nice for vaping all day without having to change the flavor, I recommend it completely, I loved it :)
5.0 5
Posted on 4/29/13
Totally Unique, Perfectly Delicious
HX3 was one of the first of Halo's juices I ever tried. Although I've been exploring Halo's wide assortment of juices, HX3 is the flavor I always come back to. What some reviewers have described as a flavor they couldn't quite pin down, I think I have -- Hazelnut.

When I vape HX3, I get a strong, semi-sweet tobacco -- maybe Tribeca? -- but with a Hazelnut flavor providing the sweetness, and just that touch of spice and hint of mint on the exhale. My description doesn't really do this flavor justice, though -- it's just something you'll have to try. Those of us who have love it.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/21/13
NIce vape will definately add to my reserve
Clean taste with a hint of sweet mint. Great vapor with a decent throat hit. It has a very CLEAN taste to it, not medicinal at all
5.0 5
Posted on 4/19/13
My go to juice
My favorite all day vape! More robust than most of the other Halo e liquids I've tried. Intense full flavor juice with a touch of a sweet mentholy undertone. Tons of vapor! Excellent!!
5.0 5
Posted on 4/9/13
My favorite of all of them...
I've been using Halo e-liquid for almost a year now and this is my "go to" mix. I try other flavors and they are never quite as good. This is a difficult taste to describe; I would use the words tobacco, chocolate, mint and coffee as well as something spicy, (maybe ginger?) The throat hit is incredible, taste very strong. Please don't stop selling this one! Another accolade I would like to give Halo is that their e-liquids do not clog up my tank carts nearly as fast as other brands do. Thanks!