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3.0 5
Posted on 4/17/14
ahhh not the best not the worst
com si com saa...now this is the flavor that def has a dry cocoa taste to it in my opinion. I liked it at first but is a very bold flavor that was way to much for me for an ADV which is what I look for. Acquired taste. I'm staying with Tribeca for sure!
5.0 5
Posted on 4/14/14
Perfect for the golfer!
I am an avid golfer. I play twice a week. I ran into this gem of a juice and I love it. Add a couple of drops of fusion to this, add a beer or two in the course and I couldn't be happier.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/5/14
Good flavour
I found LongHorn to have a really pleasant, full tobacco flavour with a hint of vanilla. Good throat hit and vapour as usual with a really satisfying taste. Reminded me of smoking vanilla flavoured pipe tobacco. A keeper I think.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/3/14
Another win for Halo
This was not a favorite right away, especially since i am some what new to vaping, but after two weeks steeping and suffering from vapors tongue i needed something strong to get me through . This and captain jack helped me get through a rough week. Very strong but smooth cigar flavor its a must for a night of drinking where Tribeca kinda looses its taste when one consumes a few mixed drinks . Not my adv but definitely a flavor to have on hand along with captain jack to help with those cravings and give u extra flavor when drinking or taste buds are down in the dumps! Used in my vision spinner with Kanger T3S tank amazing ! 2.2 ohm carto
4.0 5
Posted on 4/2/14
Strong Tobacco Flavor
While this is not my favorite tobacco flavor that Halo offers, this one is very tasty and many of my friends loved it. I first tried this flavor with a Low Resistance cartomizer and my triton battery, and the flavor was extremely strong--almost too strong for my taste. But I later tried it out in a triton tank, and it seemed to mellow out the flavor to make for an enjoyable vaping experience. It's a bit hard to describe this flavor, but it has a very "warm" tobacco taste, almost like a cigar. Overall, LongHorn is a good flavor, definitely worth trying.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/1/14
Surprise Like
After reading the product description, I, like many others, assumed that this juice was going to have too strong of a throat hit or flavor because of the word "cigar" . Boy, was I wrong! There is a slightly sweet cigar-like taste in this juice, however, it has, by no means, too harsh of a throat hit nor flavor!! Perhaps the wording should read more like "very mild, sweet cigar-like flavor". Fantastic tobacco flavored juice with a perfect amount of throat hit for almost anyone....not harsh at all and can easily be made to deliver a more potent throat hit simply by double hitting!! Yet another winner from Halo, of course!
3.0 5
Posted on 3/31/14
Almost awsome but for end
I wish I could give this review for the Longhorn E-liquid a 5 star rating but I cannot. I like the throat hit but there is something keeping Longhorn from being a top flavor in my opinion. Longhorn has the full flv strength I desire and the tobacco throat hit I am accustomed to. I enjoy the mellow but flavorful pull/vape I get from this flavor. I feel satisfied after a meal after having a few pulls from my Triton with the Longhorn blend but there is a shortcoming for me with this flavor. I have narrowed this down to the perfume like, somewhat powdery after taste or effect that comes along with a hit of Longhorn vape. I actually like throat hit just fine and the vapor production is spot on like all the Halo liquids I have tried but the bit of after taste is a bit too ...as I wrote before, powdery or perfume like for me personally...so I couldn't call this a all day vape as I would the Tribeca or Tourque 56 Halo tobacco flavors. I do believe the Longhorn flavor to be as satisfying in a nicotine/ throat hit sort of way as my favored Halo flavors but this one is just a bit too strong in the end note for me personally, I have reason to believe if I let this liquid steep for a bit to mellow, or Longhorn was produced with a more mellow end note I would be fully satisfied and able to give a fine 4 or 5 star rating, as is Longhorn is a above average quality tobacco flavor that is a bit too much on the end note for me. However, for those who enjoy flavored cigars more than I I might suspect they would be quite enthused and satisfied with the Longhorn blend. Thanks to Halo on the whole though for providing me with some very good to great quality E-smoke products, I will be a customer as long as the quality remains intact!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/30/14
Love it!
I tried the Longhorn E-liquid in a blank cartomizer and I gotta say this is the best! Longhorn has a great tobacco taste with no fruity taste and no sweet aftertaste. I wish they would offer Longhorn in the pre-filled cartomizers, but I guess I'll just have to fill my own. Try it, you'll love it too!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
Great Vap!
Ordered a 30ml bottle as soon as i finished my sample. I love this flavor, very smooth with a good TH. Similar to Midnight Apple but i think much better, closer to a real cig. taste. Great choice to try. A++ Halo!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
LongHorn is definitely my favorite E-liquid that Halo has to offer... It provides a relaxing taste that is easy to puff on whenever and wherever and will not disappoint.