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5.0 5
Posted on 7/30/13
Cool Mist- Refreshing and Crisp
Where Halo's Malibu is like relaxing at the beach on a vacation trip, Cool Mist is like going out into the ocean on a boat. It has a very nice mellow flavor and menthol experience, but it is mellow and crisp. Refreshing and cooling, like the light ocean spray that you might feel while out on a boat.

Throat Hit - Mellow but very appropriate for this vape
Flavor - Cooling and refreshing menthol, great as a mix base, Cool Mist is the perfect name for this vape because it reminds me of a cool mist like the mist that sprays vegetables at the grocery store or ocean spray out on a boat.
Vapor Production - Exceptional performance, produces noticeably more vapor than some other flavors.
This is a 5 star menthol juice for me, I order this every time I order more Halo juice. Thanks Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/18/13
Nice and cool
Cool and refreshing. This is what I wanted in a menthol vapor. I think this is my favorite of all the Halo menthol flavors. Sub Zero is a close second. This has a good balance between cool and sweet. More of a natural flavor mint like quality. Great stuff.
4.0 5
Posted on 7/15/13
Simply Unique
Great taste, vapor, and throat hit. The menthol flavor is different then the traditional menthol which I really enjoy so i was skeptical at first but this flavor really grew on me!
4.0 5
Posted on 6/26/13
Pretty good!
I bought this, along with the Subzero flavor with my Triton kit, and I do really like this flavor! The Subzero was a bit too strong for me, this flavor is much better (was a Marlboro menthol light smoker for years). I will be purchasing the Mystic and Menthol Ice flavors before I buy this again, however if the other two don't beat this as the better menthol, then I'll be back with this again, and I don't mind that...
5.0 5
Posted on 6/20/13
I never write reviews unless it's something that I really like and this is it! Cool Mist is a perfect name, it has a pleasant taste not a super hit like Sub Zero (which I use as a mixer with HX3 ) but a mild vape that leaves your mouth feeling fresh. It's my all day vape, so if you're into menthol you gotta give CoolMist a shot.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/19/13
Best Menthol ever
I have vaped three other menthol vape juices and this is by far the best menthol I've ever vaped. Although I haven't tried other Halo menthol flavors, but once I find something I really like I stick with it. But someday I might try the other menthol flavors.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/4/13
That's clouds!
This one gives the thickest vapor of the menthol trial kit, it even remains after re-inhaling. Nice dry and slightly peppery taste, with herbal aftertaste (I taste a bit of cucumber too, which adds to the freshness). Great juice, my favorite menthol!
4.0 5
Posted on 5/28/13
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I enjoyed this misty vape. The first thing I noticed about cool mist is it's high vapor production. I'm new to vaping, but from what I hear that means higher vegetable glycerin content. So, very mild throat hit and higher vapor production in Cool Mist compared to other Halo liquids I've tried. The flavor to me is a mild menthol combined with eucalyptus. Very nice! Because of its mildness I think it could be vaped for long periods and the clouds of vapor it produces are pleasant!
3.0 5
Posted on 4/6/13
Good, but has a "different" taste
This eliquid is good, I'm always on the hunt for a good menthol flavor. It has a "lower tone" flavor if that makes sense. Not as vibrant, but mellow and tastes really good. This could easily be an all day vape for someone who appreciates menthol like i do!