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5.0 5
Posted on 1/29/14
Best Menthol Ever!!
Just when I thought Mystic was the best, Menthol Ice taste actually like Camel Menthol, yum!!! I'm back to stock up on this liquid as this my daily vape I can't get enough of this flavor!!! Seriously this is highly recommended to all menthol users you will not be disappointed!!!!
3.0 5
Posted on 1/27/14
This Menthol ICE E-liquid is super refreshing with an ultra clean menthol flavor on both the inhale and exhale. It's definitely got that koolada coolness on every hit. It's as menthol as you can get and I LIKE IT!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/25/14
After 6 months STILL my ADV
When first started vaping - Sub-Zero was my first of Halo's Menthol Line-up. LOVE the BAMM you get with Sub-Zero but for a refreshing all day menthol cool it's still my got to juice.
Originally started with the G6 to be followed by more and more vape gear - it just happens! Now with VV and VW I can fine tune any e-liquid to that perfect sweet spot.
When Halo speaks of purity and freshness - the quality of their e-liquid is plain to taste. Make no mistake Menthol Ice is pure Menthol with a cool after taste. If you like sweeter.. maybe give the menthol sampler a try. IMHO Mystic has a nice sweet vape. Simply put ALL of the Menthol line-up there's not one I don't like.
Your delivery system is everything - I've gone from cartos, to mini-tanks, now to the larger capacity clearos (less top offs :) ! ) Just a happy vaper using my tanks.

Thanks HALO - it's an awesome ride that I'm still on and LOVIN IT!
4.0 5
Posted on 1/25/14
Solid vape for a menthol user
This is kind of a vanilla vape... and by vanilla I mean a simple minty menthol. It's definitely smooth, and very mild, kind of a great starter vape if someone likes menthol but isn't quite sure where to start. In all honesty it has a lot of overlap with Mystic.
4.0 5
Posted on 1/24/14
Another good liquid from Halo
I like this liquid, it has a nice throat hit, with good vapor production. It is just like the Mystic and Cool Mist, but it has an even cooler hit, and a little bit more of a mint flavor. The mint isn't overwhelming and you really have to try to notice it. I think all 4 of the basic menthol flavors are good all day vapes for menthol users, but Sub-Zero is the closest I have found to menthol smokes.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/20/14
Great tasting menthol flavor
I originally tried this flavor when I ordered my G6 starter kit. I had gotten the cartomizers filled with 18mg liquid. I instantly fell in love with them, being a prior menthol smoker. The taste is nice and cool with very little burn. I proceeded to order the big bottle of menthol ice with some additional cartomizers to refill for when I am on the go. I also ordered the mini tank for at home use. I still love the menthol ice out of the cartomizers, but it had a strange taste out of the mini tank. I think it is from the slight burnt taste that a cartomizer produces that actually makes this flavor taste better, and closer to a cigarette. I am not trying to knock this flavor at all, since I just put in another order for it. I just found that I prefer it in the cartomizer. No big deal, as it means I can use my tanks to finish off my sampler pack.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/20/14
Oh So Cool
I am new to vaping and when I ordered my Halo starter kit (which I love) I picked Menthol Ice, 18 mgs, as my first order. I was surprised at how great the flavor is. It is so smooth, so cool, definitely menthol without being overpowering. It has plenty of menthol in it though. You will not be disappointed. I got the 18 mg and I am hooked. I get the throat hit and the vape is great. I am back already to order the 30ml bottle as this will be my primary vape for now. If you are looking for that real menthol taste and feel, you will be extremely pleased with Menthol Ice! Happy Halo Vaping!
4.0 5
Posted on 1/17/14
Great flavor
Halo has always provided me with the best e-liquid that I've ever vaped. Menthol Ice is no exception, it does exactly what the description says. Delivering a crisp menthol flavor that the season vapers will enjoy (something like that). Menthol Ice is probably going to be my ADV because I like it just that much. I have no complaints about any of halo's e-liquid but I have a lot to say, and for starters, order yourself some menthol flavors, give Menthol Ice a try. I assure you, if you don't love it, you will at least like it.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/16/14
Love the taste this was the first bottle I bought with my starter kit. My fiance hates menthol anything and he even enjoys this flavor. I'm ready to try more.
4.0 5
Posted on 1/15/14
awesome menthol flavor
This menthol flavor is great! it has just enough of that minty clean taste to satisfy. I got this and the subzero which i wasn't a huge fan of it was just too much this one is great for a moderate menthol lover especially added to a good tobacco flavor. It has a great throat his and tons and tons of vapor 18mg will not do you wrong I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you halo for finally giving me that flavor I couldn't find anywhere else.