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2.0 5
Posted on 4/9/14
Only Halo E-liquid that I haven't liked
I have to admit I was disappointed by this flavor. Many reviews recommended Prime15, claiming it had a fairly accurate analogue flavor. I gave this one a try right out of the box, and all I could taste was an overpowering flavor of roasted nuts. While I do like nuts, I have discovered I definitely don't enjoy vaping nutty flavors. I left the liquid alone for 2 weeks to steep. When I tried it again, the flavor had changed--and not in a good way. I still get a nutty flavor, but now there is an unpleasant taste in the background that is almost nauseating to me. I love Halocigs, and will continue to buy from them. However, this flavor is definitely not my cup of tea. However, the reviews speak for themselves. This is a popular offering from Halocigs, and if you like nutty flavors, this one could very well become your favorite.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/8/14
My Favorite
This e-liquid is hands down my favorite Tobacco replacement. Prime 15 packs a nice throat hit, strong tobacco flavor, and above average vapor yield. I highly recommend this e-liquid for any non-menthol user looking to get a close to analog feel.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/7/14
Earthy and semi-sweet.
This is the third E-Liquid I have tried since getting started with Halo. I found the Prime 15 to have an excellent throat hit and vapor production, but it was a bit too earthy for me. They nailed it in the product description by calling it earthy with hints of cocoa. Unfortunately it reminds me more of a dark bitter chocolate than a creamy sweet milk chocolate. I also pick up some toasted nut notes on the finish. It's a very unique flavor, and I can see why some would really enjoy it.
3.0 5
Posted on 4/4/14
Not for you if you use a Kanger Aerotank and are looking for a tobacco taste
I use a Kanger Aerotank and was disappointed with this flavor. There is not even a hint of tobacco flavor, in fact it is overpoweringly cocoa flavored. I very much dislike juice that is not tobacco flavored, so this was a disappointment.

I still give it three stars because it is mellow, produces great vapor, and has an excellent throat hit. Not a flavor I would buy again. Still a fan of the Turkish Tobacco.
4.0 5
Posted on 3/31/14
Reminds me of a maverick or winston cigarette.
I just got it, so I will try it out for a while to see if I can grow to love the taste, its the only reason it is a 4 star liquid. It is definitely a good flavor overall though and for anyone who wants a liquid that is similar to an analog or traditional cigarette it would be a good choice. I will more than likely review again after a week and let people know how it tastes.
1.0 5
Posted on 3/30/14
don't like!
I tried the prime 15 e-liquid in a blank cartomizer and did not care for it at all. It taste like I was smoking dirt. It has a very earthly flavor and no tobacco taste at all as far as I'm concerned. I realize everyone has different taste but this one is not for me!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/30/14
Takes a lil getting used to... But well worth it.
I chose Prime 15, 12mg for a starting place to start reducing my smoking. At first it was an over bearing kind of nutty flavor. I followed some advice, and left the bottle open overnight, and it became a very tasty experience :-] Very happy with this flavor, as its not super over the top sweet, like the Tribeca.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/30/14
Time for 'Prime'
Prime 15 is awsome. Love the sweet hints and great vapor. Sort of a sweet cig/cigar after taste with a hint of sweet caramel. I use this as my everyday after dinner vap. Love the 30ml bottles they come in and child proof caps too as we have a grandson, so always safety first....thanks Halo!!!
2.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
Not for me
I ordered this with a bottle of Tribeca. I tried this after using about half of the Tribeca. I just didn't care much for the Prime 15. I dont like the after flavor. It isnt so bad if I mix it with Tribeca. Wont be reordering this one. Other than that, I love Halo's other eliquid!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
Prime Is Devine
After trying nearly every flavor on the market from Halo and a few other big names out there, I have to say that Prime15 is the King of Kings, Queen of Queens, Champion of the Realm. I do have a close 2nd, Tribeca. I have almost gone through 100 bottles of Prime15 and it still sends me into withdraw when I run out. Prime15 has a Ten Star from me! Don't ever drop it or I'll die from heartbreak.