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5.0 5
Posted on 9/2/13
Very close to Red's
This is a very convincing tobacco flavor. Dry and "to-the-point". It totally reminds me of Red's (you know what I mean). It has a pleasantly smokey flavor which is what you look for in an e-cig. Prime 15 has a little background flavor - it's a vegetative quality - not floral but pleasantly plant-ish. Definitely an ADV - probably my number 2 or 3 overall.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/31/13
The "big" league
Prime 15 has just become the next flavor that I will be ordering a big 30ml bottle.

I have received my small, sample bottle of this stuff in 18mg. As my usual custom, I let it steep overnight. It has a very nice throat hit. Good vapor as well. The taste is unique from most of the tobacco based liquids that Halo offers. The sweetness sets it apart. Many flavors have a "sugary" note on exhale. Prime has some sweetness, but it's a nutty flavor. Very good. It's a little less sweet, but quite enjoyable. The inhale tobacco flavor is not overpowering, but more substantial than something like Turkish, IMO.

I still love Torque 56 and Tribeca, but Prime 15 has earned it's spot in my daily rotation.
3.0 5
Posted on 8/30/13
Could be better
This was the first flavor I tried from Halo. It's not a bad flavor, just not quite what I was looking for. There's a slight sweet taste to it but the part I didn't like is at the end of taking a drag, you get a serious burn taste to it. I figured it was just that way at the beginning, but the more I tried it, the more I was surprised it didn't go away. Halo has way better flavors out there. My favorite right now is the Tribeca. I actually found mixing the Southern Classic and Tribeca together is a GREAT combination using a G6 mini tank!

Again, this flavor isn't a complete bust, but personally it just didn't do it for me.... just a middle of the road flavor in the huge list of what Halo has to offer.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/30/13
My favorite
This is my favorite juice!! Little hint of cocoa with good tobacco flavor. I have found that the lower resistance coils give that burnt flavor at least with the Triton.
4.0 5
Posted on 8/29/13
Good Vape
I was eager to try this vape after reading reviews of it being similar to an analog. I would say it is pretty close, but no liquid would be able to mimic the experience and taste of a true analog.

When I first treed this, it reminded me of the Tobacco flavor from another brand I used to vape, though theirs is slightly stronger and a bit more satisfying. It does have a uniqueness to it that will have me buying more. Its definitely a good all day vape.

I prefer "Tabaccoey" flavors to the sweet fruity ones, so this will be added to my line-up for sure.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/20/13
Good and unique
It's a very unique flavor. Almost ginger like. I particularly like this one when the weather is warm in the summer. It has a tiny sweet tobacco taste on inhale and a spicy ginger on exhale. Always clean and always big vapor. Try for yourself because it is really a unique flavor.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/20/13
Great tobacco vape!
Prime 15 is my all day vape. Very consistent in flavor, strong throat hit and heavy vapor production.
With earthy and smokey qualities ranging from toasted pumpkin seeds to tootsie rolls, prime 15 is great alternative for the tobacco vaper!
Prime is also a great base to mix with other Halo flavors.
Prime 15+Torque 56=smokey sweet goodness!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/17/13
Perfect all day vape! I can't decide between Tribeca and Prime as my favorite, but they are the two I can't be without. Prime is a great, straightforward tobacco flavor with a little less sweetness than Tribeca. As always, solid throat hit, huge vapor and, as it is described, really is akin to the real analog experience. Halo's liquids are truly the best!
3.0 5
Posted on 8/14/13
Smooth but nutty
Having regularly been using Longhorn, I decided to try Prime15. Not sweet by any means but does come off as a smooth vape. I find that I am not attracted to the nutty/cocoa flavor of the liquid, but it's not overpowering by any means. I do agree that this is a close match to an analog, and perhaps that's why I'm not as happy as I might be otherwise. I do love some of the tobacco flavored liquids but not a favorite of mine.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/13/13
Excellent juice. It's got a hint of cocoa or chocolate, and the right blend of tobacco. Very smooth and has an nice TH. It will be added to my rotation.