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5.0 5
Posted on 7/2/13
Torque 56
I've been looking for a liquid that would emulate a real cigarette, and one try of Torque 56 knocked my socks off with its authenticity. If I were to close my eyes and take a vape on this, I would barely be able to tell the difference between this flavor and a real cigarette if not for feeling an actual cigarette filter on my lips. This flavor is the real deal!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/30/13
After years of use still my all day vape choice!
I tried Torque before it was called Torque and have tried many other so called tobacco flavored juices over the years and this always beats them hands down. You get a very pleasant smooth tobacco flavor with a great throat hit yet gives a clean finish unlike others where the throat hit is more of a harsh feeling.

Anyway well done as always, and please don't ever change a thing with this one!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/28/13
My all day everyday vape
I discovered Halo about 4 mos ago after vaping for 3 mos. Have tried all of the tobacco flavors this is by far my favorite. Just received my 7th 30 ml bottle. Halo is going to be the only "juice" I purchase from now on. Have tried all local venues and variety of flavors. What a waste of time and money. Turkish Tobacco and Capt. Jack are my second and third faves. Just read a review on Tribeca with a few drops of Turkish tobacco added. Sounds kick ass. Will be trying soon. Thank you Halo for these products.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/28/13
I'm Hooked!
So far one of the best juices I've ever had. Plus the longevity and cleanness of this juice is amazing. It doesn't thicken up once you get to the bottom of the clearomiser and doesn't gunk up the wicks and coil. It's the first juice I've ever had that I can keep the same wick and coil going for weeks, practically months. Great taste, no bull and I can't stop vaping. Must have!!!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/26/13
Great transition flavor!
I wish this would have been the first flavor I tried when I started using electronics, it would have made the transition so much easier. This is a great tobacco flavor that is strong but not harsh, with a great throat hit and a lot of vapor. It has a slight sweetness after the exhale but is not overly sweet like other juices I've tried. The tobacco flavor is as close to real tobacco as I have tasted. It was good to go right out of the box, but has gotten even better after a couple of days, no chemical or perfume taste at all. I recommend this for tobacco lovers.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/26/13
My Favorite Juice
Torque 56 is my go to all day vape. Smooth, rich tobacco flavor with a very delicate, refreshing sweetness on exhale. Extremely good vaper production and pleasant throat hit. Of all the juice I've tried Torque 56 is my favorite. It's a completely satisfying and pleasurable vaping experience used in either cartomizers, or tank. Just wonderful!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/25/13
Very Nice Vapor
Halo really hit the mark on this one. I just got a sampler pack, along with a couple of the Triton tanks, and filled up one with the Torque56. What a nice throat hit, and huge vapor cloud on the exhale! This was my first Halo order, and they were really dead on with the description - big tobacco flavor, nothing else to cover it up. All in all, I can assure you I'll be reordering this in a bigger bottle soon. If you like a full on tobacco taste, you owe it to yourself to try this one.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/22/13
You know those generic tobacco flavors? This is like that, but awesome.
I can't quite describe why I like T56 so freaking much. There' s not a whole lot going on here, but what there is is great. I may be weird, but the vast majority of tobacco juices have a cheeriosy cereal flavor, and this one keeps that trend. It's slightly sweet on the tip of the tongue on the inhale, and quite dry on the exhale (that's a plus). It's quite a bit bigger and darker than most tobaccos, but the flavor isn't overpowering. A really, really good all-day vape.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/17/13
Another 5 Star Tobacco !!!
Torque to me tastes like a blend of Tribeca and Prime 15. It's the strongest tobacco wise of the three. I did not like it fresh as it was too pungent and perfumey but after steeping it all went away. It turned into a rich, luscious tobacco with some sweetnees. I strongly suggest to steep for one to two weeks if not satisfied at first with any of your Halo liquids. I also prefer to vape Halo's liquids (and especially the tobaccos) on a variable voltage device as you can play with the flavor notes. I blend this one with Belgian Cocoa and the mix is amazing. Love blending the tobaccos with the gourmet flavors. Another winner !!!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/15/13
Contender for All Day Vape
Torque56 is a full flavored juice. I get a strong yet subdued licorice flavor and bite on the inhale, which stays in the back of the throat and on the tongue. On the exhale, I get a sweet smoky honey -kissed tobacco. This juice is good in the morning with a cup of coffee, after a satisfying lunch, or kicking back with your favorite libation. Great complexity while being well blended.