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5.0 5
Posted on 10/1/14
Great Tobacco Flavor
Torque 56 tastes like sweet, simple, and clean tobacco.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/29/14
Excellent e-liquid!
The flavor really grew on me. I would suggest to stick with it, even if you are unsure at first. I am more than pleased and find myself reaching for it more and more!
4.0 5
Posted on 9/27/14
Pretty good
I got a 30 ml, 24 mg nicotine of Torque 56 as my 2nd e-juice from Halo. It gives you a strong throat hit, a smooth draw, great vapor production, slightly sweet inhale vapor, (but you don't taste any sweet taste to it) and a tobacco flavor on the exhale. It smells good but slightly artificial. I don't know what it is exactly but there's something in the flavor that I don't quite like. However, I love mixing Torque 56 with other flavors like Tribeca, Malibu, and Midnight Apple!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/26/14
Good stuff
Torque 56 is the best tobacco flavor I have had so far. I have ordered it a couple of times now and I plan to do so again soon.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/9/14
Flavoursome !!
Torque 56 has plenty of flavor, it's smooth, mellow with a great throat hit. It produces a fairly good amount of vapor and has a nice relaxing vape.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/4/14
let it steep
I let this flavor steep and wow! I went back to this flavor 2 weeks later and now I love it. I suggest to try Longhorn, Torque 56, and Freedom Juice. I just let it steep with the caps off for a few days to a couple of weeks. You will notice these flavors mellow out and have a slightly sweet taste to them. These flavors in rotation with some drops of Voodoo once in awhile create the most sophisticated smoke juices that I ever had. Halo has made it so easy and my search is over. With that being said, I have no need to try any other smoke juices out there, Halo is KING.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/31/14
The best of the best!!
Torque 56 is the BEST juice there is... It is my daily vape! I have been vaping Torque 56 for almost a year and I can't find another juice like it :) Thank you so much Halo!
4.0 5
Posted on 8/30/14
Nice flavor, good stuff
I just started vaping Torque56 that came with my tobacco sampler. It's very good, though I'm not sure if it's my favorite of the tobacco blends. It has some minty tones to it. The liquid in the bottle looks like a very light tint of orange and inside of my Triton tank it is less colorful than even the Prime 15. It is definitely a good buy and may be your go to if you enjoy light hints of mint.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/29/14
The best!!!!
Torque 56 is my favorite Halo brand. It has a great flavor, perfect throat hit, and vapor production.This is just the best!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/28/14
My 2nd Favorite
Torque 56 is 2nd to Belgian Cocoa! Excellent flavor! I can't really describe the flavors but it tastes GREAT!!! I highly recommend this flavor! A strong throat hit and exhales taste sort of fruity. (18 MG)