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Menthol Flavored E-liquid



Halo Purity world-renowned Menthol E-liquid blends are engineered to provide a unique smoking experience that parallels traditional menthol cigarettes. Each menthol flavor offers superior taste and vaping performance.

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4.75 5 1
Mystic E-liquid offers a refreshing menthol e-liquid blend with a delightfully light sweetness and mixed mint undertones. With no underlying tobacco taste and a robust menthol effect, Mystic Menthol E-liquid is a great choice for those seeking a crisp-clean menthol flavor from their e-liquid.
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Menthol ICE

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4.7 5 1
Our Menthol ICE E-liquid refreshes naturally, offering a clean menthol taste in every drag. Menthol ICE E-liquid offers even the most seasoned e-liquid smoker a consistently pure menthol flavor.
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4.6 5 1
Revitalize your senses with the true flavor of our CoolMist Menthol E-liquid. Enjoy a crisp clean flavor in every drag of this unique menthol flavored e-liquid.
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4.8 5 1
SubZero E-liquid offers an intensely fresh experience, packed with triple the menthol effect of our standard menthol e-liquid flavors. Designed for those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect, this premium e-liquid blend offers a subtly sweet mixed mint aftertaste.
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Menthol X

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4.65 5 1
Menthol X offers a unique blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol layered over an ultra smooth tobacco base. Menthol X maintains a complex flavor profile, while delivering a burst of crisp, clean menthol flavor. Topped off with a touch of sweetness, Menthol X will elevate your taste buds to the next level.


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